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Western model newspaper

  1. 1. The Mansfield GazetteThursday, February 28, 1906 Sabrina M. Issue No. LA 7Land of PromiseBy T.L. TedrowAfter Chinatown is destroyed in the San Franciscoearthquake, Yu Lan, her father, and grandmother golive with relatives in Mansfield, Missouri. Afterbeing shunned in California, they hope the smalltown will be different. While some Mansfieldcitizens are against the Chinese living there, Laura Notice that the map reflects the time period; in this case – territories, not states.Ingalls Wilder, and her husband Manly, supportthem. Ex-Sergeant Gorman, is mentally ill, and triesseveral times to get rid of the Chinese. One time,however, he goes too far. Ex-Sergeant Goes Crazy by Sabrina Edward Gorman, former sergeant in the U.S. Army, has gone crazy. Reports prove that last week, he went to Bedal’s General Store, and started yelling at Rabbi Stern and his wife for speaking Russian. He accused them of talking about sabotaging our country, when they were complimenting his bravery. His mental illness has gotten out of hand, and it needs to be taken care of. After the arrival of the Chinese, he has beenPhoto of Laura Ingalls Wilder as an adult stalking the young children, and even kidnapped one of them yesterday. He has been taken to a mental hospital to hopefully recover. Thursday Comics:¸Today’s Weather: Cloudy with a slight chanceof rain High: 60ºF
  2. 2. LifestyleLittle House in Mansfield Critic’s CornerBy Sabrina M. By Sabrina M.You may know her from her books, but Laura I enjoyed reading “Land of Promise”, by T.L.Ingalls Wilder is also known for her kind heart. Tedrow. An easy read, this book had an interestingWhile many people disliked the Chinese, she plot. I didn’t like the other characters’ stories thatwelcomed them into her home with open arms. She took away from the main one, they just made iteven sacrificed her health for them. Laura is 4’11, confusing. I liked the morals of this story, they wereand was born in Wisconsin. She is rather round, but refreshing. One of such moralsvery pretty; with violet eyes, and brown hair. Her was stand up for other people –personality traits include being strong willed, brave, such as when Laura stood up forhappy, and hard working. the Chinese. I would recommend this for children 8-11 because it was not a complicated book, and was not hard to understand. IDear Grandmother think people who loved the “Little Chan House on the Prairie” series would enjoy this fun read.Grandmother AdvertisementChan’s Chinese AdviceDear Grandmother Chan,I’ve been feeling sick in the mornings lately, so Iwent to the doctor. He told me that I am pregnant, at39 years old. My husband is 50. Am I too old tohave a baby? I’m not sure how to break the news tomy husband. What do you think?--Old MotherDear Old Mother,This baby is as much your husband’s as it is yours.Break the news gently, and give him time to digestit. You’re not too old to have a baby. Back in China,some people had babies when they were old as well,and the babies turned out fine. Here’s my advice:have a cup of tea, and relax.--Grandmother Chan