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Tree Frogs


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Ebook created by MJGDS 1st grade students about tree frogs. Student read a book, extracted information to put into her own words, and added several nonfiction text features. Drawings via ExplainEverything app; book using BookCreator app.

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Tree Frogs

  1. 1. The TreeFrog Bookby Maya L.!
  2. 2. !About Tree Frogs!Diagram!What I have learned!Habitat!Diet!Glossary!Table of ContentsMy source of information
  3. 3. I chose this tree frogs book,because its interesting!And they are calerful.!About Tree Frogs!
  4. 4. I wonder how tree frogsjump from tree to tree?!The answer is that theypush off with their backfeet.
  5. 5. Diagram
  6. 6. !Tree frogs hold onto brancheswith their sticky feet.!What I have leaned
  7. 7. Tree frogs fold their legs tosleep during the day.
  8. 8. Tree frogs are amphibians andthey have moist and shiny skin.
  9. 9. Tree frogs can bebright colors.
  10. 10. Tree frogs live intropical rain forests.
  11. 11. Habitat
  12. 12. Diet
  13. 13. My Glossary!!Insects - BugsLayer-a part of samthing!Canopy -- a layer of the rain forest!Toe pads-- sticky feet!Rain forest-- wet forest!
  14. 14. My source ofinformation is!!Helen Frost!Tree Frogs!Information!