The chronicle


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The chronicle

  1. 1. The Chronicle                                              Noah  R                                                                    February  28,  1844                                                                    Issue  No.  LA6                                The  Pioneers  Go  West                                                George  R.  Stewart     Starvation  Almost  Kills  Moss                                            Noah  R  In the spring of 1844, eleven covered  wagons set off from Council Bluffs, Iowa, 17  Year  old  boy  Moss Schallenbergerand headed west toward California. One was on the verge of dying of starvation.of the pioneers is Moses Schallenberger. One day he went to search his tapesThey know the dangers and are willing when he noticed a fox. Just as heto make the sacrifices to get to approached the fox it’s ran away. TheCalifornia. They know they’ll have to fox was badly crippled so Moss ran andfight Indians and cross rivers. If they got his rifle. He then trailed the fox andmake it they will be the first ever to found it across a big river the river wasmake it to California by wagon. People very deep and cold. He shot the fox buthave only made this journey by horse. then had to cross the river. He risks his life and gets the fox this was the first foxThe terrain will be extremely hard to get they’ve had in days.bye in wagons. Crossing rivers will beeven harder. During all of this they’llhave to make time to hunt for food or Need a new rifle come on down to Tedsthey’ll die of starvation. While doing that hunting store. We’ve got all the riflesthey have to be careful not to drive a and ammunition you need!buffalo herd into the wagon train. Willthey make it to California, or will they dieon the journey there? Find out in… ThePioneers Go West!                              Moss  Saves  The  Day                                                Noah  R    In  the  book  The  Pioneers  Go  West  Moss  is  a  seventeen  year  old  boy  who  wants  to  go  to  California.  He  is  a  talented  boy  who  is  eager  to  live  an  adventurous  life.  He  likes  to  hunt  and  write  in  his  journal.  He  has  a  good  aim  and  could  be  useful  in  a  fight  against  Indians.                                                          
  2. 2. Dear Moss, It depends if the piece of the saddle was important or not if it was you should nicely talk to him about it. If it wasn’t you should forget about it. Sincerely Noah  Todays weather report is cloudy with asmall chance of rain. February 28, 1844 Noah’s Critic’s Noah RPersonally I did not like this book it wasnot adventurous enough for me. Theway it was written confused me. Itwasn’t written by Moss’s point of view.Overall I would rate this book a two starbut I’m picky with books. I wouldrecommend this book to kids ages 10+and who don’t like action and adventure. Letters From MossDear Noah,Recently an Indian took a piece of mysaddle that I left lying around. In theirvillage if you find something lyingaround you can take it and keep it. Idon’t know if I should approach him andtell him to give it back or to leave italoneSincerely Moss