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The cay book trailer


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Published in: Education
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The cay book trailer

  1. 1. The Cay By, Theodore TaylorBook Trailer By, Joshua F.
  2. 2. Phillip lives on anisland called Curacao.What is his dad’s job?
  3. 3. His dad works every day. Phillipis disappointed.
  4. 4. World War II has begun. How will thisimpact Philip’s life?
  5. 5. Phillip meets a friend. Whois this friend? How does hisfriend help him?
  6. 6. What does Phillip do later thathe learned from his friend?
  7. 7. How does his past effect Phillipat the end of the book?
  8. 8. If you areconfusedabout thepictures...
  9. 9. The Cay tofind out more.
  10. 10. At bookstoresnear you!
  11. 11. Credits:Slide 1: Cover of The CaySlide 2:The Cay p.9 from sv.wikipedia; description page is (was) here * 2 juni 2005 kl.21.30 [[:sv:User:Alexflink|Alexflink]] 448×336 (21 597 bytes) <spanclass="comment">(Bild tagen från Seaquarium mot Wilhemstad påCuracao)</span>Slide 3: The Cay p.15Slide 4:The Cay p.9, p.29, p.30, p.31, p.32, p.33 KarolynSlide 5:The Cay: p.41-p.117 Flickr: Cretaquarium 10
  12. 12. Credits (Continued):Slide 6: The Cay p.119- p.144 YoninahSlide 7: The Cay P.142- p.143 Original uploader was SeanMack at en.wikipedia