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Newspaper rachel

  1. 1. Yellow Sky TimesThursday February 28, 1874 Rachel S LA 8 The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Week Forecast for Yellow Sky By Stephen Crane Texas It’s the late 1800’s and Yellow Sky town marshal, Jack Potter, left for Thursday: Low 93 High 101San Antonio a few months back for some unannounced reason. Friday: Low 86 High 96Nobody in his small, little town had any idea why he went there, or Saturday: Low 81 High 92had a clue when he would return home. There, in San Antonio, he met Sunday: Low 83 -High 91a woman who, soon after their meeting, became his wife. The girl Monday: Low 87 High 98isn’t beautiful nor is she all that young, but the two seem genuinely Tuesday: Low 92 High 102happy to be with each other. Potter returned home with his brideshorty after their marriage, on a train that road straight across Texas Wednesday: Low 91 High 99with only four stops along the way. Meanwhile, back in Yellow Sky, Jack Potter’s greatestrival, Scratchy Wilson, has become restless in his opponents absence;all he wants is a good fight and some gun shots. Unaware of Potter’sjourney to San Antonio, he barges into the “Weary Gentlemen” bardemanding answers and ready to shoot through the heart anyone whogets in his way. Finally he decides to go straight to Potter’shouse, unable to get his fight. Finding it utterly empty, he waits thereconfused, guns at the ready, for Jack Potter’s return. When Potter and his bride finally make it home after days of longtravel, carrying their bags, they exit the train. The two begin to headhome unaware of what is waiting for them. Laughing together, theyreach Potter’s house to find Scratchy Wilson pacing on the frontporch, reloading a gun. Not noticing the girl, Wilson goes ahead andasks for what he wants … a fight, right then and there. When Potterexplains that he does not carry a gun, the other man protests, but isultimately unwilling to challenge an unarmed man.
  2. 2. Who is Jack Potter??? Rachel’s Reader’s Reviews!By Rachel S. By Rachel S. Jack Potter is from Yellow Sky, Texas. Not much is The story, “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” by Stephenknown about his life in his small town. He keeps a lot to Crane, did not exactly hold my attention. At points the languagehimself and doesn’t share much. He is the Marshal of his was extremely hard to understand and the storyline was hard tosmall town and cares a lot about what his town’s people follow. I did not particularly enjoy reading this story myself.think of him. He isn’t rich and lives by himself in his It’s not an easy read, and was predictable from the point athome. Potter has reddish skin from being in the sun so which the antagonist was introduced. I think it depicts a clearmuch and has many nervous habits. Recently he journeyed picture of what the Wild West was like at that time. I wouldto San Antonio and met a woman there who he made his recommend this story to adults and who enjoy reading tales ofwife. The woman is older and not very pretty, but he’s the Wild West and for educational purposes.happy with her and they enjoy spending time together. He Man threatens newly married couple at gun pointand another man in the city named Scratchy Wilson, havesort of a rivalry going on. Wilson likes to pick fights and By Rachel S.enjoys engaging in quarrels with the Marshal. Overall Jack Last week a man carrying several firearms threatened a newly married couple at gun point on the front steps of the victim’s home. The offencePotter is a fairly simple man who enjoys the life he lives. took place in Yellow Sky, Texas where it is not uncommon for citizens to carry guns with them. Jack Potter, one of the victims and also head Marshal of his town, told reporters the man’s name was Scratchy Wilson. He said, “Wilson and I have always had sort of a rivalry between us, every once in a while he’d start a fight between us or with others and I’d have to Rifle Co. arrest him or place charges. No one was ever seriously injured, but he did seem to feel joy from inflictin’ pain on others.” Neither the man nor his wife was injured during this interaction. “I was actually just returnin’ from a long journey to San Antonio, where I got married, when I spotted Wilson on my front porch aimin’ the guns. It seems all he wanted was a good fight” Potter said. Wilson was wearing a maroon colored flannel shirt, and he carried several heavy, blue and black colored revolvers. It seems he has disappeared from the area for the time being, but investigators are Get two Rifles for searching and updates on this case will be given when new information is revealed. the price of one
  3. 3. Wedding AnnouncementDaily Word Search Rachel S. I’d like to congratulate Jack Potter and his bride on their marriage. The two met in San Antonio while Jack was on a trip. They got to know each other quickly and got married within a short period of time from when they first met. They plan on moving to Yellow Sky Texas, where Jack has a home and a sturdy job as Marshal of his small town. He is a much respected man where he lives and is excited to start a new life and family. They plan on leaving from San Antonio tomorrow to head back to Yellow Sky. Wanted Answers Scratchy Wilson $500 Reward to anyone who finds this man Any information on his whereabouts are appreciated