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H is for homophone


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by Elad O. and Ariella T.

Published in: Education
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H is for homophone

  1. 1. H is for Homophone“Doyou know what a homophone is?”
  2. 2. Definition
  3. 3. Examples of homophones:
  4. 4. Examples of Homophones in a sentence• Did you see that deer?• I wrote a letter to my dear uncle• Mom makes me get the mail in the morning.• He is a male, but she is a female.
  5. 5. Quickie
  6. 6. Quickie Answers1. To2. Four3. See4. Due5. Right
  7. 7. Game
  8. 8. By: Ariella Tand Elad O
  9. 9. Image Credit• Images are from Microsoft Clip Art