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Cruising common nouns


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by Rebecca B and Jagger L

Published in: Education
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Cruising common nouns

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What is a Common Noun?• Noun: 1. A word that does not name a specific noun.2. A noun that is not capitalized. 95
  3. 3. Examples common proper Place continent North America Person boy Scott Thing dog Spot
  4. 4. Question 11)Which of the following is NOT a commonnoun:a) face b) countyc) Rebecca d) determination http://techenglishlearne 7/noun.html
  5. 5. Question 22)Which of the following is NOT a commonnoun:a)dude b)runningc)awesome d)Jagger ?collection=col11092/1.1
  6. 6. Question 33)Make up your own common noun and askyour teacher or parent if you got it right. http://schoolsquestionti common-noun/
  7. 7. Answers to the Questions1.C) RebeccaD) Jagger id=common_noun_1-a
  8. 8. monnoun.htmCreators:Jagger l : b: a-common-noun/