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Ari's Report: Mice at Bat


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Published in: Education
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Ari's Report: Mice at Bat

  1. 1. A!,s Book Repo" March 14 2014 Ari
  2. 2. My favorite character is Mike.
  3. 3. Some#ing impo"ant #at ha$ened % #at Mike won a troff'
  4. 4. The main character is mike.
  5. 5. The setting is the baseball field.
  6. 6. The problem was old Casey was coming.
  7. 7. The three main events were 1.Mike came to the field.2.Mike and the mice were fitteing. 3.Mike won.
  8. 8. The solution was mike won with old Casey being pitcher.
  9. 9. My favorite part is that mike won.
  10. 10. I give this book five stars because I am a fan of baseball.
  11. 11. (e end