Making Sense of the Internet of things: A Landscape (VERSION 2.0)


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Version 2.0 of the landscape that originally appeared in TechCrunch here

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Making Sense of the Internet of things: A Landscape (VERSION 2.0)

  1. 1. Making Sense of the Internet of Things: A Landscape Version 2.0 July 2013 Matt Turck Twitter: @mattturck Blog:
  2. 2. Protocols Open Garden Platforms & Enablement (Horizontals) Quantified Self Wearable Computing FitnessHealthFamily Lifestyle LeisurePetsToys Music Connected Home HomeAutomationEnergy Efficiency Home Security Industries Industrial Internet Garden- ing HealthcareAutomotiveRetail RoboticsGreen- tech Building Blocks Hardware Parts/Kits Services Incubators Funding Distribution Anvil Connectivity Corporates Networks OpenSourcePlatforms SoftwarePlatforms SensorNetworks Nimbits 3D Printing New Interfaces INTERNET OF THINGS LANDSCAPE VERSION 2.0 © Matt Turck (@mattturck), Sutian Dong (@sutiandong) & FirstMark Capital (@firstmarkcap) Software Mobile Applications (Verticals) Telecom M2M Infra- structure 2G 3G 4G RuBee 6LoWPAN LWM2M Asset Tracking Security Smart Grid Tracking Agri- culture
  3. 3. The original version of this chart was published in TechCrunch: In this Version 2.0, we’ve revised the chart to reflect a number of comments and suggestions we received after the post was published. Important note: The internet of things continues to evolve rapidly, and as always, reality resists attempts at categorization. This chart is not meant to be a definitive classification of all companies in the space: even though the chart is already very full, it is likely we have missed a number of companies. Also, several companies/products fall in multiple categories, which is why the same logos occasionally appear in different boxes. Finally, a number of companies don’t fit particularly well in any category – in those cases, we’ve added them to the closest match. Thoughts and comments are very welcome – please leave them in the comment section of this blog post: Many thanks to my colleague Sutian Dong at FirstMark Capital for her invaluable help.