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  • A social media policy exists for the organizationStaff, volunteers and trusted agents have received social media training and are aware of the policies in placeIT providers have not blocked access to the social media platforms you plan on testingStaff is trained in the end user agreements for each type of social media platform and refrains from actions that put users in violation of those agreements
  • Are your messages reaching the right people and making a difference?
  • Work with traditional media
  • Listen to what is being said in your neighborhood
  • Identify rumors as they come up and develop plans for addressing them
  • Live in the world wide webUses social media in its normal environmentActual preparedness messaging can be used to promote a preparedness activityGetting personal accounts mixed up with official agency accountsThe public interpreting messages as legitimate and will take action; may encourage others to take actionIf handled inappropriately may damage the reputation of the agency, especially when using humor
  • Incorporating social media in exercise design.slideshare

    2. 2. Overview Be Interactive   #SMEM @MaryJoFl y    Social media review Exercise types and social media uses Open and closed systems Using social media as injects Evaluating exercises
    3. 3. POLICIE S TRAININ G Exercise Design Assumptions ACCES S
    4. 4. Are your messages making a difference?
    5. 5. Work with traditional media not in place of them.
    6. 6. What is being said in your neighborhood?
    7. 7. Identify rumors and develop plans to address them.
    8. 8. The community expects your responses to be fast!
    9. 9. Discussion Based Exercises Seminar Workshop Tabletop Live Tweet Construct Messages Simulate Injects Record video Play content Play content Play content Off-site speakers Off-site speakers Simulate injects Networking events Discussion groups Discussion groups
    10. 10. Operations Based Exercises Game Drill Public actions Filter live data Function Full Scale al Filter live data Sim cell Resource Resource Resource Resource injects injects injects injects Injects Injects Injects Sim cell Live Live recording recording Sim cell Sim cell
    11. 11. First do no harm. Open systems are susceptible to mistakes going viral
    12. 12. Closed loop can be a private system or build fake content to use as injects
    13. 13. Use real stories for exercise injects
    14. 14. Archive real incidents using a variety of platforms 14
    15. 15. Benefit the community with a real issue or existing campaign 15
    16. 16. Evaluate lessons learned via online tools like Google Forms to collect data and archive
    17. 17. Resources and References Resource Web Link SM Tabletop Lessons Learned Video: Fake social media Big book of virtual team building games ASIN: B005NASIIS 50 Digital Team Building Games ASIN: B007SI4UJE Video: Cheryl Bledsoe – Practice Safely: Exercises & Drills in Real Time media Geolocation search techniques by Gahlord Dewald @Gahlord Verifying your Government Twitter Account QR Code CERT Exercise 17
    18. 18. Sample Archived Incidents Title Web Link LA Arson Google Maps LA arson LA Wind NJ Sandy Recovery CA WX Atmospheric River 18
    19. 19. Simulation Environments Simulation Tool Web link Chatter Yammer Simulation Deck 19
    20. 20. Stay Fit & Exercise Exercise 3  Conference Homework   Use the final exercise provided on the session handout. Didn’t receive one? Download it here: You have until the last day of the conference to complete these 6 tasks. Share your experience on the Conference Tag #IAEM13
    21. 21. Make a public commitment Use tag #IAEM13 and share one thing you plan to implement 21
    22. 22. Contact 01 Contact  Mary Jo Flynn, MS, CEM 