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2011 fema webinar


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2011 Webinar presentation for FEMA regarding the Orange County Citizen Corps Exercises

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2011 fema webinar

  1. 1. Orange County Citizen Corps Exercises Presentation by: Brenda Emrick Community Education Officer Volunteer Coordinator City of Costa Mesa Mary Jo Flynn Emergency Management Assistant Director City of Anaheim
  2. 2. Orange County Citizen Corps Partners
  3. 3. What Sparked the Momentum• Established the CERT Mutual Aid Program (CMAP) in 2006• Conducted the County’s first Volunteer Mutual Aid Drill (VMAD)• A few months later, the program was activated for the 2007 Santiago Fires
  4. 4. Our Next Steps• Finalized a mutual aid agreement with the County• Garnered the interest of California Volunteers who used our program as a model for Disaster Corps• Developed a training program to address lessons learned
  5. 5. The 3-Year Exercise Strategy• First exercise was a morning seminar and afternoon tabletop• Goal of the exercise was to provide an overview of each program’s capabilities and discussion based TTX that identified the capabilities of citizen responders
  6. 6. 2010 Exercise Background Planning• Work with HSEEP guidelines• Vendor Selection• Citizen Corp Partners Planning Team• TTX Scenario: – Identify CC partners and their capabilities in a simulated earthquake response – Short and Long Term goals for response – Training and outreach post response
  7. 7. Exercise Outcomes & Challenges• Costs & Logistics• Planning Team Commitment• Working with a Contractor• Discussion vs. Action Oriented Event• Lessons Learned
  8. 8. Sustained Exercise Planning
  9. 9. In Review: A Building Block Approach• Started with a small coalition of partners within one of the Citizen Corps programs, CERT• Developed an agreement with the county for volunteer mutual-aid• Provided exercises and active experiences and reviewed Lessons Learned
  10. 10. How We Did it in Review• Involved key stakeholders and first responder partners in the planning , delivery of the exercise and long term citizen preparedness goals• Allowed the key first responder colleagues to offer information colleague-to-colleague to build buy-in and trust• Worked within “their” system to incorporate Federal exercise planning strategies and guidance to increase buy-in
  11. 11. Questions & ContactsBrenda Emrick Mary Jo Flynn• (714) 327-7406 • (714) 765-6955• BEMRICK@ci.costa- • • Anaheim Fire Department• Costa Mesa Fire Emergency Management Department Division• 77 Fair Drive • 500 E. Broadway• Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • Anaheim, CA 92805