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Art 42 04 critique, F2011


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Students tea box designs, ready for evaluation then after corrections made, grading and printing.

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Art 42 04 critique, F2011

  1. 1. Art 42 04 Tea Boxes Multi-page articles too difficult to present in slides without originals to compare, so just write up critiques for tea boxes. Choose one, usual rules apply, looking for ways to improve the projects, so solid suggestions.
  2. 2. Joseph Corral
  3. 3. Jodi Dimacali
  4. 4. Katie Dodd
  5. 5. Marcela Ramos
  6. 6. Megan Sandstrom
  7. 7. Travis Cooper
  8. 8. Janelle Tunzini
  9. 10. Morgan Whitchurch