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Music magazine evaluation 1


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Music magazine evaluation 1

  1. 1. Music Magazine Evaluation Maria Ellis
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The main image on my front cover is the most dominant image on the magazine, I have made this artist the dominant image to show the power of the artist as he is one of the main stories in the magazine. Having a dominant image on the front cover is a magazine code and convention. Having Nick Butler as my main image may draw in more audience as they might like Nick as an artist and want to know more about him. Cover lines are very important on a magazine cover. Cover lines are a convention code. I have developed my cover lines to fit into the style of my magazine. Cover lines are a main thing on the magazine which helps draw the audience in so I have made my cover lines very clear and easy to read. Having cover lines on my magazine lets the readers know what my magazine contains.I have used a strap line to interest myaudience. Telling them the exclusive I have placed a barcode on mystories that my magazine consists of. Using magazine to make the end productstrap lines work really well with my layout look more professional.on the front cover as it makes it look morereal and professional. My strap lines helpthe magazine come together.
  3. 3. Through out my magazine I haveused the same colour scheme tomake it look more organised andeasy to read, I have used 2 simple Placing my logo on eachcolours red, black and yellow which page of my magazinemakes it a lot easier to read. Using a gives my magazine itswhite background makes the red own layout style. I havewriting stand out a lot more making named my magazineit more eye catching. ‘Nexus’ as my magazine is about all genres andUsing a plug draws in the not just one. So Iaudience as it is featuring a thought the namecompetition to win festival ‘Nexus’ will be a goodtickets. Having a competition way to describe myto win festival tickets brings in magazine as it meansreaders a lot more as festivals bringing everythingare very popular together. Mastheads are for drawing in your audience and engaging them. I have For my two main articles in my magazine I have made made my masthead very big and eye them both two main headlines. I have made the text a catching. I have placed it on the left hand lot bigger then the rest of the text on the front cover side, I have done this because when so the headlines will stand out a lot more than the magazines are stacked up on shop other text I have also used a different style of giving shelves you tend to only see the left side the black text a red outline helping it stand out a lot of the magazine. This makes the more and making it eye catching. I have also placed masthead the first thing the audience them in two different places I have placed one on the sees. I have made the ‘X’ a lot bigger left side as this will be the first thing the reader will see then the rest of the writing to make it when my magazine is on a shelf, I have then placed the more eye catching and engaging. other on the right side.
  4. 4. For my main image on my double On the side of the article I havepage spread I have placed it in the advertised ‘Eleanor Welsh’s’ album.middle of the page with the text Giving more information to theflowing around it which makes the reader about her new albumpicture stand out a lot more I have coming out.placed a black boarder round itmaking it look more professional. I have used the same style layout as my front cover. Giving my double I have made my heading stand page spread boarder lines at the top out and eye catching by using a and bottom the page which look a bit different style of font and giving like the strap lines on my front cover I each individual letter a black have done this so the layout of my background. I have made each magazine flows through my magazine word separate making ‘Drugs’ and doesn’t look odd. and ‘Botox’ smaller than ‘Alcohol’ I have done this to make it look more effective and engaging. I have placed quotes within the Introductory text is for hooking the reader. ‘Eleanor welsh has been the text making the quotes a lot worlds sensation of 2011, she has hit the bigger and bold compared to the top 10 many time this year but had she rest of the text this makes the spoilt her career?’ I have used a rhetorical reader read the quotes first. After question in my introductory text, using a reading the quotes the reader will rhetorical question hooks the reader want to find out more about the because it makes them want to find out if article so it will hook them and ‘Eleanor welsh’ has spoilt her career. make the reader read the rest of the article.
  5. 5. My main heading is very eye catching using two different styles of text and doing the word ‘the’ in lower case and the word ‘week’ in capitals. This makes the heading standout a lot more than the rest of the page. I have placed my contents strip on the right hand side making my page look organised and readable. I have three headings splitting up my contents into ‘news’, ’top music’ and ‘exclusive interviews’. I have made a main article bigger than the rest of the article as it is more important. Having a main article in the middle of the page makes this the first thing the audience is drawn to. I have made the image a large image filling up a lot of the room. Within this article I have used a rhetorical question making the reader want to turn to the page of the article and read it.I have placed some less In the bottom left corner I have I have used a flash within my contentsimportant articles down the advertised a deal when you to bring the audience more tellingleft hand side using images of subscribe this will also bring in the them we review the top ten albums ofthe artist the article’s are reader as they might subscribe the month, I have made the text ofabout. I have placed the knowing they will get their first 3 the flash stand out by using black fontimages about the titles of the magazines free if the subscribe to and a red box behind it this makes itarticles making it easier to the magazine. I have made this stand out a lot because it is the onlyread and more professional. I stand out a lot different to the rest text on the page which has a brighthave made the page numbers of the contents as this is not articles background making it very eyea lot larger then the text as the the magazine contains. I have used a catching. Above my flash I have alsopage numbers are more grey background and black boarder included 3 images of 3 albums whichimportant for the reader to making it look very dominant. are in the top 10know.
  6. 6. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? I decided that my target audience for my magazine would be teenagers as teenagers tend to change their choice in music a lot, so my music magazines involves a lot of different artists ranging from rock artists and pop artists. This makes my magazine approachable for all teenagers and not just one certain group. Because my magazine isn’t based on just one social group as my music magazine is about different types on genres within the music industry. The main social groups my magazine is aiming to draw in is Indie as I have articles about artist such as Ed Sheeran. I also aim to hook the social group rockers because my magazine includes ‘The rolling stones’ and ‘Nine inch nails’. My magazine also includes pop music including artist such as ‘Katy Perry’ and ‘Rihanna’. My magazine includes stories which bring two artist’s together such as the latest story which has been in the news about Katy Perry getting help off Rihanna with her recent marriage split with Russell Brand. rihanna-over-russell-brand-split In my magazine I also have articles bring two social groups together for example in the news recently Ed Sheeran who is within the Indie social group has teamed up with P. Money who is within the gangster social group to produce the song ‘The A Team’ which has recently been in the top 10. This story is bringing two types of social groups together.
  7. 7. Indie Indie people tend to wear clothing such as then trainers vans and skinny jeans. The music they tend to be into is people such as Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, The wombats, The killers and Kings of Leon.
  8. 8. RockPeople which are into rock tend to have wacky hairsuch as boy’s tend to either have long messy hair orMohicans, girl’s tend to have brightly coloured hairor dreadlocks. They like to wear clothing with lots ofmetal studs on and like to wear long black coats. Alot of rock people like to have lots of tattoos. Thereare lots of different type of rock music there isClassic Rock which many of The Beatles and TheRolling Stones songs come under. There is also IndieRock which Mark Ronson and The Zutons comeunder. Punk Rock which My chemical Romance andSex Pistols come under, then there is Rock whichBon Jovi, Biffy Clyro, Bloc Party, The Clash FooFighters and Guns And Roses and many more comeunder.
  9. 9. 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?• The publisher that i would use to publish my music magazine would be IPC media. I would choose IPC media because they publish ‘NME’ and my magazine is a lot like ‘NME’. IPC media are a well known publishing company and very large because of this IPC media will have lots of advertisement options helping my magazine become bigger and popular. I know IPC media would do a good job publishing my magazine as around 27 million people in the UK read a magazine published by IPC media so I know they will do a good job.
  10. 10. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?• My target audience would be 16-19 year olds. My magazine will hopefully attract all social groups as it is about different genres of music.• My magazine will be for people who are interested in knowing the latest news, fashion and whats going on in celebrities lifes.
  11. 11. 5. How did you attract/address your audience?• To attract my audience i made sure i made it appealing to not just one social group i done this by having different types of articles on the front cover. I also made sure the layout was more appealing to the young audience. Using a plane background with bright text makes my front cover more eye catching to my audience. Another way i have attracted the young audience is by advertising a competition to win festival tickets this attracts people between the ages 17-19 as these are people who are more interested in going to festivals.• Throughout my magazine the colours were persistent making my magazine more attractive.• The text in my magazine is written to relate to the youth in the way they speak.
  12. 12. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?• During my time constructing my media product I have learned how to use blogger as this is something I have never used before. I found blogger very interesting and easy to use.• I also used Photoshop which I have used previously for other work but during my time constructing my media product I have learnt new tools on Photoshop which I didn’t know I could do.• Indesign is another software i learnt to use which i found very helpful putting my magazine together as it offered a wide range of tools to make my magazine look professional. I learnt how to transfer an image from Photoshop, resize an image and add effects to text.
  13. 13. 7. Looking back at your preliminary task (the Collegemagazine), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?• During my time constructing my music magazine I have learnt to make it look more professional. Using a lot more photography and editing them to a professional standard using Photoshop. Comparing it with my college magazine my music magazine is more professional using the same colours throughout the magazine.• Constructing my music magazine on InDesign I have learnt how to use more tools making my magazine more appealing.• The fonts on my music magazine are a lot more appealing then the ones on my college magazine using for my music magazine.• I learnt how to target an audience using colours which will appeal to the youth and the language I used.• My music magazine includes plug’s and strap lines which catch the readers eyes where as my college magazine is just a simple layout with no eye catching graphics.