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8 Weeks On Twitter: I love it!


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Presentation done at PodCamp Montréal on 09/09/20

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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8 Weeks On Twitter: I love it!

  1. 1. Marie Josée (MJ) Drouin Broadcast Media Geek PodCamp Montréal, 09/09/20
  2. 2. Introduction The first steps Now what? Not so positive … Keys to success Conclusion
  3. 3. Director with 15 years of Media experience, I lead technical teams of up to 30 people and 3 managers to deliver most aspects of the business - Operations, Customer Services, Information Technologies, Project Management, Engineering, and Procurement. I developed expertise in managing cable, wireless, satellite, transmission, engineering and software development. I worked at Bell, Teleglobe, Intelsat, CBC and as a expert consultant. Professional Engineer, Masters in Technological Management I have extensive experience in speaking since the 90's (ouf!), subjects were always a mix of technologies, commerce and management. Past engagements were: Keys to Software Development: What every executive should know (2009), The Future of Broadcast Archive Systems (2008), DVB-H: Video over IP goes Wireless (2006), HDTV distribution (2005), Video over IP (2004) and, Several broadcast technical training (1994-1998): Video 101, Digital Video and Compression 201, Video testing techniques 301.
  4. 4. US advertising reduced by News Corp Newspaper 14% 1st half 09/1st half profits dropped by 14% in 08 ($61B)  $142B in 2008  $466m 2008 US online TV market in US online ad increase in 2008  $448m 2008 by 10%  $23B (45% search, $5B banner ads)  What’s the next big thing?
  5. 5. Configure your ID Find a good search engine Read on the basic How to Search and read tweets Desktop apps (tweetdeck, seesmic)
  6. 6. Follow interesting people Their followers, who they follow & RT Searches Loose yourself Start reading and re-tweet Hyper specialized Information “Read and run the risk of learning” Your areas of interests/areas that you know Speed: Best news feed Blog
  7. 7. Maturity of technology Loss of tweets: Archiving Spam Speed: Addictive Don’t try to keep up with all the people you follow Automation
  8. 8. True: Be yourself Add Value Give Credit Listen Share  Build your micro-community !
  9. 9. Just do it!