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1951 Schwinn Green Phantom Serial Number A16664 - Manufactured November 13 th  1951
I recently restored this bicycle for a customer and he can no longer keep it. I am listing the item for him as I restored ...
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1951 Schwinn Green Phantom


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This is a beautifully restored example of the very famous Phantoms manufactured by Schwinn

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1951 Schwinn Green Phantom

  1. 1. 1951 Schwinn Green Phantom Serial Number A16664 - Manufactured November 13 th 1951
  2. 20. I recently restored this bicycle for a customer and he can no longer keep it. I am listing the item for him as I restored the bike and know it in detail. Let me first start by saying that buying a Phantom can often be a gamble. With the slew of reproduction parts you never know what you are getting. I will first start by saying the only reproduction parts on the bike are the rear fender reflector, battery tray inside the light on the front fender (originals always rotted) and the tires. The tires are the good Schwinn reproduction WW typhoons. This bike started out its life as an original green phantom and I am sure the owner has pictures of it before it was restored. It didn't have a drum brake. That was added. The bike was professionally restored and it was my first and only postwar Schwinn to date. The process is the same except the pinstripes tend to be a little wider on postwar bikes. Schwinn got a little sloppy after the war. The tank was in great shape. The fenders are the original fenders. They were in very good shape and able to plate. It has become the norm to use reproduction fenders as finding an original set that is platable is nearly impossible. The tail-light is NOS. I had the owner remove the light from the bike and take pictures of it separately. That is why it isn't on the bike in the pics. The seat was restored by Bob. The drum brake is the desired high flange. S-2's are original and dent free. All the stamping and knurling remains intact. The lever is NOS with Schwinn script. The locking springer has two NOS keys. All the hardware is NOS schwinn 50's hardware. As you know, attention to detail is my priority when restoring a Schwinn. Check my other listing for the autocycle. The rear hub is a new departure model D. Serial numbers on the frame are A16664. The pedals are original restored AS deluxe pedals and were purchased from Bob for over $250. The bicycle has original white Schwinn grips which may be incorrect. Easy fix. NOS Diamond chain. Have no hesitation as this bike is as close to original as you are going to get. There is a reserve on the item to protect the owner's investment but it is less than what you would pay to restore one. The owner has over $2700 in the restoration. PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING/PAYING Contact me before bidding or hitting the buy it now to discuss forms of payment. You must contact me before paying for this item. I will offer many options for shipping to be discussed after sale of the item. I can ship this Amtrak, FedEx, etc. I only charge actual shipping costs and they should not exceed $100 unless you prefer some special freight option. I have been shipping bicycles for years and can assure you that it will get to its destination safe. Feel free to call me with questions. 619-708-3173. I consider myself to be one of the few people in the hobby that actually can restore a Schwinn correctly.  I have a very good reputation in the hobby.  You can ask anyone. A majority of the time when someone restores a bicycle they use the wrong paint, screw up the specs (darts, pinstripes) and use the wrong hardware.  This bicycle was restored 100% correct.  I have been collecting for years and have accumulated a lot of NOS parts and hardware.  There are no "Hardware store screws" on this bicycle. Every fastener is NOS Schwinn.  As mentioned, the only reproduction parts are the battery tray in the headlight which is concealed and the tires.  The owner switched out the grips after I restored it and purchased an NOS taillight for the bicycle. That is all that was changed.  He really spared no expenses.  I applaud you on trying to make an informed decision before purchasing.  A majority of people purchase a bicycle and then do the research to only find out the bike is loaded with reproduction parts.  This is ever more common with phantoms.  Of 100 phantoms on ebay, maybe 10 are completely correct.  You really have to be careful.  If you look at my other restorations on my website you will see that I cut no corners and detail is of the utmost importance. I stand behind my work and guarantee satisfaction. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the bicycle.  619-7078-3173.