Guide to recording instruction stats for staff


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Guide to recording instruction stats for staff

  1. 1. Guide to recording instruction stats <br />Questions? Please email Missy Clapp:<br />The images in this document were created using Firefox and Jing!<br />We are all responsible for recording our own instruction stats: <br /><ul><li>ARL requires the submission of statistics
  2. 2. we are required to record our instruction activities in Annual Activity Reports and CVs
  3. 3. instruction stats help our departments learn how our resources are being used</li></ul>PART 1: Navigating to the Database<br />Here’s the path: Staff Web Training (under the “Staff” column) top left, Instruction and Training Database<br />Log-in website to bookmark:<br />Once you log in, you’ll see the same HR training database that we’re all accustomed to using. There are two links you will use to record instruction stats: <br /><ul><li>Manage Courses and Sessions
  4. 4. Other Instruction</li></ul>PART 2: Manage Courses and Sessions<br />Here’s what this page looks like. To add a session that you taught, first click on the course title. NOTE: if a course does not appear in the list, please contact your department’s course creator.<br />The course’s general information, sessions already taught, and the button to click for adding your own session opens after you click on the course title:<br />Once you click “Add a Session,” a page opens for you to enter information. The page is broken into three parts for explanation here:<br />NOTE: some fields are mandatory.<br />If you are co-teaching a session, go ahead and add everyone’s name who taught with you.<br />The notes section can hold any information you would like to record, such as faculty contact info, good questions asked in class or reminders for the next time you teach a session of this course.<br />When you click “Save Session,” you’re taken back to where you clicked “Add a Session” so that you can see your session has been added successfully. In this example, session 3 has been added successfully:<br />PART 3: Other Instruction<br />There are more types of instruction-related activities that we perform, such as the online integration of library resources created and maintained by you, research consultations and tours. This database has a place to record them, as well.<br />Recording all of your instruction activities in one place will help make many tasks easier for you, including writing your Annual Activity Report, reporting statistics to your Branch Head, and updating your CV or resume. <br />Here’s what the “Other Instruction” page looks like:<br />PART 4: Reports<br />The best part about the instruction stats database is how it helps you stay organized by generating reports tailored to you and your work. <br />When you click on “Reports,” this is the page you’ll see:<br />There’s another way to view your stats using “Archive Statistics.”<br />You will want to select “My Teaching Stats” and then click on the time span you’d like to view. You’ll see a summary of the number of classes you taught, total number of students you reached, and how many minutes you spent teaching.<br />This summary can be broken down further into semesters:<br />Please check the “Library Instruction on the Staff Web” StaffGuide soon for an updated guide on how to generate reports for yourself (because the current format is being revised): Look for it in the “Keeping your Instruction Stats” tab.<br />Obviously Melissa Clapp needs to update her stats because she taught way more than six classes in Fall 2009 :o).<br />Course Creators: <br />Special Collections: Susan Lupi <br />Government Documents: Carol McAuliffe <br />Marston Science Library: Margeaux Johnson<br />Education/Architecture & Fine Arts/Music/Journalism: Aimee Barrett<br />Library West: Charlotte Barnes and Missy Clapp<br />Health Science Center: Mary Edwards<br />Remember to record your instruction stats here so that Library Administration can report accurate stats to ARL. <br />