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How to Close the ROI Gap Between Live and Digital Experiences

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How to Close the ROI Gap Between Live and Digital Experiences

  1. 1. How to Close the ROI Gap ARTICLE BY MICHELLE BRUNO EVENTTECHBRIEF.COM Between Live & Digital Experiences
  2. 2. The Holy Grail for event marketers and experiential marketing agencies is the return on investment proof for a campaign. Unlike online marketing channels though, ROI in the real world is elusive for many brands and agencies because it is so difficult to prove that a visitor took an action based solely on his experience at an event. Thanks to LiveGauge wireless technology, that inequality is quickly disappearing.. T H E H O L Y G R A I L .
  3. 3. Sam Seo, co-founder of Toronto-based Physicalytics, the developers of LiveGauge, spent years as an online marketer tracking campaigns from click to conversion. “If I spent $10,000 on Google or Facebook Ads, it was crucial to understand how many impressions, clicks, and conversions I received. Without that knowledge I would have no idea what worked and what didn’t and I would be money blindly,” he explains. P H Y S I C A L Y T I C S .
  4. 4. By attending exhibitions and observing street- marketing activations, Seo realized “there is a huge gap in the real world that I can close by delivering the same ad tech ROI tracking offline that exist online.” He and his team developed LiveGauge to prove the ROI of an event by tracking an individual while he engages with a booth or installation and from the time he engages at the event through to his visit to a retail outlet to purchase the product. P H Y S I C A L Y T I C S .
  5. 5. LiveGauge enlists a small plug-and-play sensor (about the size of a deck of cards) to “listen” for the unique digital signature transmitted by an individual’s smartphone as he comes into a booth or visits a street activation. The sensor relays detailed information (time, date, and duration) about the person’s visit to a cloud-based platform. And, when the same person subsequently takes action (enters a store, for example), a second on-site sensor relays the new information back to the cloud and informs the store staff. L I V E G A U G E .
  6. 6. The LiveGauge platform provides marketers with an overview of visitor behavior during a campaign. It reports on real-time visitor impressions and engagements (as defined by the marketers or agencies), impressions and engagements per hour and per day, average visit duration for engagements per hour and per day, breakdown of the types of phones people are using at the events, how the data compares to previous activations, and whether visitors took action beyond the event. L I V E G A U G E .
  7. 7. Last year, Seo used LiveGauge at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. The client, an exhibitor and vehicle manufacturer, wanted to understand the impact of the company’s presence in the show on driving visitors from the auto show floor to the showroom floor. Seo’s team deployed LiveGauge on every vehicle in the display and at dealerships within a 45-mile radius of the show. Analytics revealed the most and least popular vehicles at the event and how many people who came into the dealerships were also at the auto show. L I V E G A U G E .
  8. 8. Providing marketers and agencies with a tool to measure the ROI of an experiential campaign, whether it’s impressions and engagement during an event or the connection between on-site and off-site customer behavior, isn’t the only benefit of the LiveGauge solution. The hardware-cloud application has both addressed the growing need for live experiences to be as measurable and accountable as digital experiences and placed both channels in equal contention for a brand’s marketing budget—flexibility that only a marketer could love. S O L U T I O N F O R M E A S U R I N G R O I .
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