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Event Farm Puts NFC at the Intersection of Hip and Disruptive


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Event Farm Puts NFC at the Intersection of Hip and Disruptive

  1. 1. N F CN F C at the Intersection of Hip and Disruptive Event Farm puts A Presentation By:
  2. 2. Near Field Communication N. F. C. NFC allows attendees to check-in, make purchases, exchange contact information, vote, and perform a variety of other tasks with the tap of an NFC-enabled Smartphone or a badge. However, event- technology firm Event Farm uses NFC as an experience catalyst. On one evening in May, it was the center of attention...
  3. 3. Selected them from a list on a check-in app Washington, DC’s Carnegie Library 2.0: The New Media Party 1 HELLOMY NAME IS 2 HELLOMY NAME IS 3 Picked up a blank credential Andtransferredtheir personal information fromthetablet tothe credential When guests arrived, they provided their names to an attendant who... The process, which lasted less than a minute, transformed the credential into a key that unlocked a series of digital experiences offered throughout the evening.
  4. 4. BOTS In one room, a matching set of five Blabdroids charmed visitors with a series of questions. Prompted by a hover of the NFC-activated credential over its head, the bot asked guests about love, art, death, and risk, among other topics, while recording videos of their responses.
  5. 5. SWAGITAL A digital gift wall—five Android tablets embedded side-by-side in eye-level portals—invited guests to hover their credentials over the screen to receive a gift. Each tablet identified the guest and emailed him a message from one of five sponsors.
  6. 6. SWAGITAL “Android is used because Google has built NFC into the platform... We are trying to make this accessible to corporate event planners by using off-the-shelf hardware that is easy for event planners to operate." - Ryan Costello, CEO (Event Farm)
  7. 7. TUNES In the music room complete with a dance floor and stage, content globes—semi-round, white spheres with Android tablets facing out on one side—hung from a ceiling truss. Again, guests were asked to hover their credentials over the screen to receive MP3 files of songs played by the band over the course of the night.
  8. 8. PICS The step-and-repeat photo session, a mainstay at many events, also had an NFC element. After posing in front of a backdrop, guests had fifteen seconds to hover their credentials over a reader in order to receive a copy of the photo via email.
  9. 9. “We wanted to be a little disruptive with media and new media,” Costello explains. The concept of a “continuous digital experience” enabled by NFC technology is one that Event Farm is keen to experiment with. “We’re taking a lot of risk here. We’re doing things that have never been done."
  10. 10. EventTECHBrief Or subscribe to the eNewsletter Read the full article Event Images Courtesy of Traci Browne