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Attendee experience ii_slideshare


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The attendee experience is everything and it's a large part of the decision making that event organizers should undertake for planning, programming and selecting technology. This PowerPoint offers a framework for building better events.

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Attendee experience ii_slideshare

  1. 1. Event OrganizerThe Attendee Experience: Tips, Tricks, and Technology to Keep Them Coming Back By Michelle Bruno
  2. 2. Takeaways• TSNN Survey Results• Moving attendees into the community• Quick review of Hierarchy of Attendee Needs• 4 Ways to Impact “secondary” attendees• 5 Ways to Enhance the Virtual Attendee Experience• 6 Ways to Accommodate International Attendees• 7 Ways to Create a Continuum of Experience
  3. 3. Internet Access
  4. 4. Free Wi-Fi
  5. 5. Paying for Wi-Fi
  6. 6. Platform Integration
  7. 7. Most Useful Technologies
  8. 8. QR Codes
  9. 9. Security System
  10. 10. Social Coach
  11. 11. Post-Show Content
  12. 12. Mobile Apps
  13. 13. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
  14. 14. Attendee Hierarchy of Needs
  15. 15. UtilityBASICS NEEDED TO EXPERIENCE AND UNDERSTAND THEEVENT: food and beverage, registration, signage,charging stations, wi-fi, maps, transportation,exhibitor directory, conference agenda, floorPlans, ADA accommodations...
  16. 16. JustificationINFORMATION NEEDED TO CONFIRM THE ATTENDEE’S ROIOF TIME AND RESOURCES: content consumption, QRcodes, digital tote bags, session speakers,programming, show features, content capture,post-show content access...
  17. 17. ConnectionHUMAN AND DIGITAL CONNECTION TO COMMUNICATE,SHARE THE EXPERIENCE, LEARN FROM PEERS:matchmaking, social media platforms,receptions, games, flash mobs, golftournaments, collaboration exercises, placesettings...
  18. 18. RecognitionPARTICIPATION FOR SELF ESTEEM: Speaker’sCorners, Twitter falls, Q &A, textwalls, leader boards, crowdsourcing ideainnovation booth...
  19. 19. UnderstandingHIGH-LEVEL TRANSFORMATION:charity outreach,keynote speaker, mentoring...
  20. 20. Ways to Impact “Secondary” Attendees
  21. 21. “Secondary” Attendees• Continuous content generation• Blogger/thought leader outreach• Community building initiatives• Testimonials, attendee reviews
  22. 22. Ways to Enhance the Virtual Attendee Experience
  23. 23. Virtual Attendees
  24. 24. Then There’s Olly
  25. 25. Ways to AccommodateInternational Attendees
  26. 26. International Attendees
  27. 27. Ways to Create a Continuum of Experience
  28. 28. Continuum of Experience• Persistent Business Environment• Post-Event Mobile Content• Post-Event Video Distribution• Year Round Social Networking• Extra-Event Matchmaking• Game Mechanics• Tweet Chats
  29. 29. The Future is Now
  30. 30. Google MeMichelle Brunomichelle@brunogroup.comForkintheroadblog.comBrunogroup.comTwitter: Bruno Group Signature Events