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Quantity surveying course

this ppt, explains in brief about quantity surveying and its broad scope in the field of civil engineering and MEP in Constriction field.

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Quantity surveying course

  1. 1. QUANTITY SUVEYING COURSE For Civil and MEP www.homeforconstruction.com1
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS Quantity Surveying ???  Quantity Surveying is a Profession in CONSTRUCT INDUSTRY, where the LEARNED PROFESSIONAL will contribute in Calculating the, Quantities required for the Project, for various work Cost calculation, Budget calculation, Time Calculation and Bill of Quantities, Bill Preparations and Bill certifications and many more……….. www.homeforconstruction.com2
  3. 3. Quantity Surveyor IMPORTANCE: In construction works, one of the MOST important department is Quantity Surveying. it is the place where ALL THE Calculations related to Quantity, Time and cost takes place. Without this it’s very hard to survive in CONSTRUCTION Industry. The Role of Quantity Surveyor is very important starting from the project , till the COMPLETION of the Project. www.homeforconstruction.com3
  4. 4. Role of Quantity Surveyor : The Quantity surveyor Jobs are very much in demand now from local level to global Level.  The opportunity available is during pre, running and post completion per of the project. www.homeforconstruction.com4
  5. 5. Earning or Job Opportunities for QS:  The Quantity Surveyor can Work at Si office and from Home also. The Quantity Surveyor can work at Site Contracting Firms, Consulting firms Architects Office and from Clients Of Also. www.homeforconstruction.com5
  6. 6.  Who can Join The course?:  Minimum Eligibility: 10 th class or Desire to Learn Other Eligibilities:  Diploma  any Graduate from Engineering  Working Professionals ( Civil / MEP)  Students, Gents and Ladies.www.homeforconstruction.com6
  7. 7.  Course Details (LxBxD):  WHAT IS QUANTITY SURVEYING? IMPORTANCE OF QUANTITY SURVEYING How to Calculate Quantities? How to Calculate Lengths? How to calculate Areas? How to Calculate Volumes? What is BOQ? www.homeforconstruction.com7
  8. 8. What is PO? What is Work Order? What is Budget? What is Cash Flow What is tender? Procedures of Tendering. Negotiation techniques. What is Contract? Types of Contract? How to Award a Work or Contract? How to close the Project and Contract? How to prepare a Bill? How to check the Bill? How to certify the Bills? What is FINAL Bill etc? www.homeforconstruction.com8
  9. 9. How to Prepare Daily, Monthly, yearly reports. Civil and MEP quantities and difference. Advantages of Quantity surveyor for site team Advantages of Quantity Surveyor for Office team. Formats ,reports and procedures. Manual and Computer based Calculations / works at site. Books to follow. Time to spend at site. HOW To BECOME A Good Quantity Surveyor? & GROW Further!! www.homeforconstruction.com9
  10. 10. Course Fee : If you are interested write an email to us, for ONLINE and Class Room Classes For course Duration & Other Details: www.homeforconstruction.com10