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Energy Leadership - 7 Choices that Will Help You Create Your Ideal Life

Coach Mariano shares information about Energy Leadership, which is a concept that was developed by IPEC Founder Bruce Schneider. Everything around and within you is energy. The question is: how are you utilizing this energy to improve your life? Learn the 7 choices that you can make to create thriving businesses and healthy lifestyles.

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Energy Leadership - 7 Choices that Will Help You Create Your Ideal Life

  1. 1. Discover 7 ChoicesThat Will Help You CreateYour Ideal Life
  2. 2. A good leader is one who can tell anotherhow to reach his or her potential;a great leader is one who can help anotherdiscover this potential for him or herself.- Bo Bennett
  3. 3. It’s not what you say that matters most,it’s why you say it.- Bruce D SchneiderFounder, IPEC Coaching
  4. 4. The difference between an A.R.L. of 2.5and an A.R.L. of 3.0 means: 20% increase in financial success 10% increase in self described leadership ability 15% more satisfaction in interpersonal and intimaterelationships 12% greater feeling of engagement and excitement athome as well as on the job 14% more personal freedom 9% improvement in the quality and depth of communication 6% increase in health and wellness 16% increase in productivity 17% improvement in time-management 12% greater feeling of spiritual connection 15% improvement in satisfaction in work-life balance 20% increase in overall combined energy level
  5. 5. Fail to honour people, they fail to honouryou. But of a good leader, who talks little,when his work is done and his aimfulfilled, they will say: “We did thisourselves.”- Lao-Tzu, 5th Century B.C. Tao-Te Ching
  6. 6. Energetic Profile
  7. 7. Energetic Stress Reaction Profile
  8. 8. Tomorrow’s LeaderCatabolic Leader Anabolic Leader Manages Delegates fully Gives information Self assesses Works in crisis mode Disconnects emotionally Uses left brain analysis Deals with problems Takes advantage of others Leads Participates in responsibilities/tasks Shares (detailed) information Considers feedback from others Plans ahead and holds othersaccountable Utilizes emotional awareness Uses whole brain thinking Sees only opportunities Sees the true human resource
  9. 9. Treat people as if they were what theyought to be, and you help them tobecome what they are capable of being.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  10. 10. What’s your next step? Book: Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief ELDS personalized program 360 assessment and debrief Certification as an EnergyLeadership™ Professional Certification as a Professional CoreEnergy Coach™
  11. 11.