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Mj Arts Illustration 2


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The purpose of MJ Arts is to provide the individual as well as the professional community with the graphic tools they need to communicate their message to the world in a manner that is honest, attractive and in keeping with the timeless values that build society.
Marty Jones has been a professional illustrator for over three decades, and is committed to communicating a \'sense of wonder\' to the world. Using hand-drawn and digital media, he creates images in a manner that reflects the contributions of the great illustrators of the Twentieth Century; in a format suited to the Twenty First Century.

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Mj Arts Illustration 2

  1. 1. Presenting Marty Jones, Illustrator Part 2 A Day in the Life of an Illustrator - What I Do
  2. 2. A Day in the Life of an Illustrator - What I Do My work day always starts at my desk
  3. 3. Where I spend most of my day I tend to use a ‘visual filing system’...
  4. 4. Sometimes I get to ‘work’* at my drafting table. I usually ‘work’* from noon until 2 am "...they set their hearts on producing a good likeness, and stay up late perfecting their work..." Ecclesiasticus 38:28 *[Drawing is more fun than it is work]
  5. 5. My primary method for communicating with people... My computer: my telephone, voicemail, email, and illustration machine.
  6. 6. So... How do I go about getting work to do? First of all, I created a portfolio showing samples of illustrations I’ve made in the past.
  7. 7. How do I find customers? Every year I send out hundreds of advertising sheets like this one. I send them to publishing companies all over the United States.
  8. 8. I also advertise in national illustrator directories that are sent to art buyers around the world... NW Creative Index
  9. 9. ...and I advertise on the Internet.
  10. 10. A lot of advertising on the Internet.
  11. 11. A LOT of advertising on the Internet. Graphic Artists Guild Portland
  12. 12. I also work with a company that posts graphic art assignments for businesses...
  13. 13. As a result I create a variety of illustrations; in addition to illustrations for children’s books.
  14. 14. First Heroes for Freedom by Marcia Bjerregaard First Heroes for Freedom tells the story of Cuff, a 15 year old slave who lives on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island in the year 1778. One night his owners send him on a journey to enlist with the First Rhode Island Regiment, a military company comprised primarily of slaves. While serving in the First Rhode Island, Cuff begins to learn the meaning of freedom.
  15. 15. Oregon At Last! By Lillian Foreman Oregon At Last tells the fictional story of 11 year old Maggie, and her family, as they journey along the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon. I have a personal interest in the story in that my paternal great-grandparents journeyed from Missouri and Kansas to Oregon 20-30 years after Maggie's family made their trip.
  16. 16. The Declaration of Independence by Melinda Lilly "The Declaration of Independence" is an Easy Reader version of the story of Thomas Jefferson's writing of the document that began the Revolutionary War.
  17. 17. Coming up next: A Day in the Life of an Illustrator - Creating a Children’s Book. Return to PowerPoint Index