Wi fi-stress-test


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Wi fi-stress-test

  1. 1. The Ultimate Wi-Fi “Stress Test”Taking Industry-Leading APs to their Breaking Point
  2. 2. Test Overview Keith Parsons Managing Director o Conceived and performed by Wireless LAN Professionals, based in Orem, UT o Vendor-agnostic WLAN integrators and consultants o Enterprise WLAN design and deployment specialists Wi-Fi Stress Test developed to determine: 1. The breaking point at which a given access point fails 2. How and why similar access points perform differently2 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  3. 3. Testing Goals VENDOR PARTICIPANTS o Stress test industry-leading Wi-Fi APs for capacity 1 o 16 APs from 7 different WLAN suppliers o Use typical devices and applications 2 o iPads, MacBook Pros, etc. o Keep testing real world using 3 standard test tools o Make tests repeatable 4 o Eliminate any unfair vendor advantages o eg. Ruckus BeamFlex 5 o Maintain complete independence 6 o No vendor donations or underwriting o No vendor influence over testbed o Vendors present for all testing 73 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  4. 4. Testing Methodology 32‟ x 28‟ portable classroom donated by Canyons School District (-3dB walls) o No load throughput baseline established o FTP file transfer (600MB file up and down) to server o iPerf run (20 seconds) using default TCP setting o Capacity test: 5 iPads at a time added until AP breaks (Breakpoint = 50% of clients freeze or FTP download exceeds 20 minutes) o Video test focused on client experience APs restricted to o Video freezes count as error, video restarted 20MHz wide channels, o At 10 errors, iPad counts as „dead‟; video restarted 2.4GHz (11) and 5GHz (36) used4 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  5. 5. Test Process 1-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-25 FTP client 602MB FTP iPerf Video ACCESS POINT UNDER TEST 3x3:3 Server Server Server 1. Unicast HD video streams initialized on iPads iPerf client o iPad count increased by 5 per round o First round is baseline - 0 iPads and no video 2. Add ‘throughput’ traffic (one case at a time) o FTP download of 600 MB to MacBook Pro o FTP upload of 600 MB from MacBook pro o iPerf on MacBook Pro – 20 seconds, default TCP settings 3. Repeat for 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 iPads o NB – no AP succeeded with 30 iPads5 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  6. 6. Results at a Glance AVG. TCP THROUGHPUT20 Highest, most reliable performance18 Ruckus 7982 Cisco 2602i16 HP 430 Cisco 3602i Xirrus 482014 Aruba 13512 Juniper 532 Aerohive HP 460 AP330 Aruba 10510 Meraki MR24 Aerohive AP121 8 Meraki MR16 Linksys 6 EA4500 Ubiquiti UniFi Pro 4 2 Lowest, least reliable performance 0 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 VIDEO ERRORSWI-FI STRESS TEST
  7. 7. A Clear Winner: ZoneFlex 7982 ZoneFlex 7982 receives top marks for the HIGHEST aggregate TCP throughput with the LOWEST number of video errors7 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  8. 8. Average Throughput Results AVERAGE TCP THROUGHPUT 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Ruckus Cisco Xirrus Cisco Aruba Juniper Aruba HP 430 Aerohiv HP 460 7982 2602i 4820 3602i 135 532 105 e AP330 average tput 18.27 17.87 16.78 13.98 13.95 13.76 13.47 13.2 12.52 10.088 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  9. 9. 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 0 Ruckus 7982WI-FI STRESS TEST Ruckus 7363 Lower Juniper 532 is better Cisco 3602i Aerohive AP121 HP 430 VIDEO ERRORS (bad) Aerohive AP330 Cisco 2602i HP 460 Lowest Video Transmission Errors Xirrus 4820
  10. 10. Why Did Ruckus Fair Better? ANSWER: BeamFlex Statistical Optimization o AP with statistically higher data rates faired best o BeamFlex always optimizes for performance o Constantly is picking the highest PHY data rate for any given client because it uniquely supports the “degrees of freedom” to do so o Antenna pattern + rate control = BeamFlex algorithm o Environment changes: people move, obstacles change and interference comes and goes o Statistical sampling is essential for high data rates o Sampling quickly narrows in on statistically optimal pattern + data rate o Sampling quickly adapts to changes o Drives related features – packet scheduler, ChannelFly o Superior band steering implementation10 WI-FI STRESS TEST
  11. 11. More Information11 WI-FI STRESS TEST