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A Brief Look at the development of Computers and Animation - A Talk aimed at School Leavers about Infocomm Technology.

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    Your name.You have to understand that once your real name is published, it's on the internet for good. If your blog is lackluster, will future employers judge you by that?
    Time: Your blog is YOURS.There are no bosses to push you around and the autonomy becomes pretty addicting. If you get into it, there is a chance that you will make it a top priority.
    Be Dynamic.On Dumb Little Man, our ads, 'popular posts', 'recent money posts', etc. generally rotate in a completely random pattern.
    Honesty- I have told DLM readers from Day 1 that I have a normal job that takes most of my time. There is no reason to lie. I mean sites like Lifehacker have a crew of full time bloggers and although we are in the same niche, this is not a competition. It is up to you to understand your restraints and be forthcoming with your readers
    * Topics.I get tons of blog post ideas from work. I mean, everything from getting a promotion to dealing with complainers came from episodes at my real job. Use life to give you ideas. Things that bother you most likely both others people. A great example is a blog I recently linked to where an Accountant solves the problems she faces on her Bentley catalytic converter -
    .As long as your .blog is solving problems instead of complaining about them, you'll do okay.
    * Sharing data: I don't care what your boss says, if you share proprietary company data or vent about the CEO, you will eventually get fired. If you want to do that, start an anonymous blogger blog. Even then you aren't safe.
    Ok, so now I am really into this post. Here are some other considerations that you need to consider - working or not:
    Do it right.Choose a topic that you are seriously in love with.
    * When beginning, read Problogger religiously and be sure to check his archives. I had absolutely no idea what a blog even was. I grabbed with no idea what I'd even write. I owe a lot to Darren.
    Keywords.When you give your posts a title, use really broad words.
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  2. 1822 – Charles Babbage Built first computer – ‘The Difference Engine’
  3. 1837 – Sir Charles Wheatstone Invented the British Electric Telegraph - MORSE CODE
  4. 1937 – Alan Turing First programmable computer called COLOSSUS
  5. 1945 – University of Pennsylvania Invented the first general purpose computer (different tasks)
  6. 1947 – Bell Laboratories Develops the transistor – end of vacuum tubes.
  7. 1959 – Texas Instruments Invention of the Integrated Circuit – the ‘Microchip’
  8. 1969 – ARPANET Invention of a country wide network - birth of the ‘Internet’
  9. 1973 – Bill Gates & Paul Allen Microsoft is born
  10. 1976 – Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Apple is born
  11. 1984 – Apple Macintosh First computer to use a Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  12. 1984 – Apple Macintosh First computer to use a Graphic User Interface
  13. 1991 – Tim Berners-Lee Develops ‘hyperlinks’ – the World Wide Web (WWW) is born
  14. 1994 – Marc Andreessen Founded Netscape – first WWW browser – now public can easily access
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  24. 1971 – The Andromeda Strain First use of computer graphics in a film (only 10 seconds)
  25. 1982 – Tron First film to feature 3D computer graphics
  26. 1993 – Jurassic Park First film to feature photo-realistic animated creatures
  27. 1995 – Toy Story First fully animated CGI film
  28. 2003 – The Matrix First realistic (close-up) of human facial tone and skin Aaaarrrggghhh!!
  29. 2004 – Lord of the Rings First CGI movie that used performance-capture .
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