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Motivation - First-time Manager (Edited Sample)


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Motivation - First-time Manager (Edited Sample)

This is a preview copy of some of the slides taken from the \"First-time Manager\" from Impress Training. This helps provide an overview of the design theme and business topic.

You can also visit my powerpoint blog at where there is now a $5 e-Book available that has step-by-step instructions for many of the effetcs you see in the slides.
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Motivation - First-time Manager (Edited Sample)

  1. 23. A total of 200 companies took part in this survey – 100 from Singapore 1000  and 100 from SME 500 .  46% of the companies had more than 100 employees in their organisation, the rest had less than 100 employees.  In 130 (64%) of the companies surveyed, more than 75% of employees were Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. key findings showed that after implementation of some of these schemes that motivation and employee satisfaction went up , turnover was reduced and had a positive impact of the Company branding …