th a 4                                                                                                                Bo 9...
Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comContinued from page 1                                 Continued from page 1            ...
Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comContinued from page 1The Inside Scoop: Your Top 10 Must Sees At Process Excellence Week...
Gather more info at PROCESS EXCELLENCE WEEK – Make it your one stop shop for Process Centric Strategies in...
Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comNOW MORE CHANCES FORNETWORKING THAN EVERBEFORE!P   rocess Excellence Week now offers ou...
AWARDS PROMOTION                                                                           ENTRIES                        ...
Gather more info at        Register your place before 9th September                   and receive 40% offO...
Gather more info at     Hosted by: | Phone: 1-646-454-4559           ...
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Pex Week Newsletter


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Just released - updates on PEX Networks US Annual Community Meeting, PEX Week.

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Pex Week Newsletter

  1. 1. th a 4 Bo 9th re of e nd 0 % The PEX ok Se ce f! be pte ive fo m re be Network Times r August edition / 201116-20 January 2012Buena Vista Palace Hotel &Spa, Orlando FLCalling all Process Leaders to Unite –The Future is in Process CentricityT he last few decades have slowly and surely broughtprocess thinking to the forefront caught up in the tools and lost sight of our primary purpose: To drive positive change and to create synergy with your organizations’ culture and architecture. However what is most notableof management and organizational a lasting and sustainable process when looking at current processbest practice. The ongoing rise and operational framework that maturity models, is that thoseof Lean thinking led by Toyota; delivers the highest quality, in the organizations that are streaksSix Sigma as rigorous process for most efficient way at all times. ahead, are those that have forgedquality management; and more So what should and does a collaborative model that unitesrecently of Business Process the future look like for the all of the process disciplines.Management (BPM) and IT successful process centric These organizations have managedalignment, are all enabling the organization? Firstly, there is to fuse multiple efforts for a strongcreation of enterprise process definitely not a one size fits all focus on strategy execution,frameworks and the ultimate in framework - all strategies and people and culture as well as fastprocess centric organizations. approaches need to be adopted in changing customer needs.However with the rise of differentand new approaches to process,siloed process practices haveemerged, often resulting in oneprocess team not knowing whatthe another process team isdoing. More often than not Leanleaders are unaware of their BPMcounterparts, let alone workingcollaboratively towards the samegoal. Somewhere in our journeytowards becoming a ‘processcentric organization’ it appearsmany of us have become too PEX network members from both Lean Six Sigma and Continued on page 2 BPM join together to share ideas at the 2011 SummitProcess Excellence The Inside Scoop:Week features the most Your top 10 must sees atinspirational leaders from the Process Excellence Weekprocess industry: Connie Moore, VP Research, Forester Research W ith so much to see and do across the Process Excellence Week, here’s a handy shortlist of the ‘not to be missed’ event features that will help Assessing Process Maturity: The State of you make the most of your time out of the office and inspire you to drive your Process approach to the Industry Address the next level. Continued on page 2 Continued on page 3Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  2. 2. Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comContinued from page 1 Continued from page 1 The power of the combined process disciplines is hard Dr Robert Swain, to ignore. With process improvement providing the Author, ground work for excellence and ensuring that each The Strategic Drucker individual process is optimized in both efficiency and The Strategic Drucker: Lessons Learnt from effectiveness, BPM takes this to the next level with the Master Translated to the Modern World its framework for end-to-end process sustainability on Planning and Managing Large Scale and long term governance. Finally, driving processes Organizational Change towards innovation to constantly provide agility will Jim Steele, create the organizations of the future. Motivational Speaker on Performance & Change In conclusion, in 2012 the PEX Network is calling all Challenging your Individual and process leaders to unite, to collaborate and inspire the Organizational Performance community; bringing together best practices into one Steve Towers, much more powerful model for process centricity. Let’s Founder & CEO, look to the future of the global organization and where The BP Group we need to be in 5 or 10 years time – let’s start planning Your Customers are your Future! for that today. Redesigning your Process Approach to Deliver Successful Customer OutcomesI ndustry Leaders, insights and perspectives:Anu George, W orkshops and thought leadership from the bestCQO, in advisers and providers forMorningstar CorporationThom Keehan, Business Process ExcellenceExecutive Director Lean Enterprise,GE Transportation across the community:Alistair Fermin,VP Customer Services,The StandardGregory North,Corporate VP Lean Six Sigma,XeroxVincent Pierce,VP, Business Process Improvement,Office DepotTrafford Clarke,Executive Director Six Sigma R&D,Eli LillyAnna Stowaway,SVP Business Process Re-engineering,CitiJeff Slutsky,Director DFSS,Bausch & LombRoberta Meacham,SVP Performance Consulting,JP Morgan ChaseGary Jing,DFLSS Deployment Leader,Tyco Electronics Telecom Division2011 Awards Winners:Chris Weisbrod, Deployment Director,Akron Childrens Hospital 2Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  3. 3. Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comContinued from page 1The Inside Scoop: Your Top 10 Must Sees At Process Excellence Week01 The return of the Process Improvement Visionary Council Back by popular demand, the annual Process hand! 25 registrants will now have the opportunity to visit the nearby Bausch & Lomb manufacturing, R&D and plant facility. With a high focus on process Improvement Visionary Council will help you to innovation as well as improvement this is an define the future for process-centric management. exciting tour for anyone working on the design With representatives selected for their long standing or manufacturer process. Book now to avoid contributions to quality and process management, disappointment they will help provide direction to the rest of the industry on the next generation in excellence 07 Get accredited in the latest Process Professional02 Not 1 but 2 Corporate Leaders Boardrooms – by training application only for Corporate Executives Process Excellence Week is now no If you’re an executive leader for process then don’t longer just about networking and miss this chance to take time out to benchmark learning, you can also boost your and discuss the most critical strategies with your process accreditations through Certified executive peers. A sell out at the 2011 Meeting, Process Profressional training, levels PEX Network will now host 2 separate boardrooms 1 & 2, led by the not-for-profit BP Group. Designed covering ‘How to create competitive advantage’ and around successful customer outcomes and the ‘the changing role of the executive leader’ ‘Outside-In’ approach to process management it’s Attendance is free but by application only – visit the perfect course for process leaders looking to to submit your interest in boost their customer centricity. Plus, if you’re already attending today. certified, CPP accredited practitioners can also pick up their ongoing CPP by points through attendance03 Process Excellence Awards – now open to all Summit attendees! at the Summit. 08 The Process Excellence Awards State of the Industry keynote from Forrester are the perfect chance to ensure Research your process approach gets the Don’t miss this exclusive state of recognition it deserves by entering your project or the industry address from Connie programme into the 2012 awards programme. No Moore, VP Research. Forrester matter your discipline, there is an award for you – just Research on global process maturity. Based on the log online at to download the most up to date research in conjunction with the judging criteria and application pack to get your entry PEX Network, you’ll be able to take stock of where started today. we are today, ensure you know where you need to be, and most importantly how to get there.04 Strategic perspectives from Drucker on large scale 09 organizational transformation EXCLUSIVE TO PEX NETWORK: With insights into one of America’s leading New Vendor World Series management visionaries, hear how you can boost There’s no shortage of vendors telling you what and solidify your process approach. Through this process approaches work best and what software to inspiring keynote on strategic Drucker, you’ll be able implement - the challenge is knowing who to listen to leverage his wisdom to increase the success of to and knowing what is right process approach for transformation initiatives, inject innovation as well your organization. To help you get on the right path, as adapt your management approach to the 21st we asked you to vote for the top 6 providers that Century knowledge economy. you wanted to hear from, and then invited them to Process Excellence Week to help reach a common05 Inspirational leadership lessons from Disney industry consensus on the next evolution in process Following the sell out Quality thinking, technology and execution. Service site tour and workshop 10 in 2010 and 2011, Disney return BPM Bloggers panel: The hottest industry trends to give you a new insight in their leadership best revealed practices. Discover how to inspire excellence, keep Join this lively and interactive panel debate with your employees engaged and create a sustainable some of the world’s most renowned process culture that truly represents your brand and strategic bloggers to get the low-down on the most talked values. As a leader at any level, this is one not to be about topics and the emerging trends. It’s the missed! perfect way to get a critical look at the process industry and analytical views on what is worth06 See process at work first hand with exclusive site visit to Bausch & Lomb Because there is nothing quite taking note of in the next 6-12 months. like seeing excellence first 3Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  4. 4. Gather more info at PROCESS EXCELLENCE WEEK – Make it your one stop shop for Process Centric Strategies in 2012!This yearBuildof your processselecting from the 6as embed and execute them within yourthatbusiness. the new Process Excellence Week format is designed to enable you to bring together all your week by strategies as well critical process and execution themesrun throughout the week. STRATEGY & EXECUTION Make sure your process strategies deliver at all levels of the organizations through the latest in strategy, planning and execution techniques CULTURE The biggest reason for process failure is people and culture: Uncover the most effective ways to overcome resistance, embed process thinking and drive a positive change in culture THE CUSTOMER Re-orientate your process strategies in line with your customer’s experience to optimise revenues and win new business in a competitive marketPROCESS PROCESS PROCESS FORIMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONDiscover how to keep your Lean, Six Combining IT and management best Go past basic improvement andSigma and operational excellence practice to create a sustainable embrace design and innovation toapproaches up to date, to ensure a process framework, long-term process create new product, services andsolid foundation for both efficiency governance, end-to-end process processes that support the futureand effectiveness management and process insight for growth of your business key decision making The place where the Process Centric Industry Meets to Shape It’s Future: M eet, share ideas with, and discuss future strategies with the largest cross section of process professionals across the US and beyond. Attendees by Job role Attendees by Industry y CEO/Executive 10% y General Manager 8% y Oil, Gas & energy 8% y BFS&I 37% y Director Operations 15% y Director Planning & 5% y Construction & Infrastructure, 17% y Telecommunications 12% y Director Manufacturing/ 7% Strategy Engineering y Other Service 30% production y IT/Technology 5% y Manufacturing general 70% y Healthcare & medical 28% y Director Quality 10% y Analysts 5% y Retail 8% y Government/public sector 20% y Director Business Process 21% y Belts/project managers 14% 4Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  5. 5. Gather more info at www.PEXWeek.comNOW MORE CHANCES FORNETWORKING THAN EVERBEFORE!P rocess Excellence Week now offers our attendees, plus your friends and family, even more networking opportunities. From structured speed networking designed to introduce you tobusiness contacts for life, to relaxed evening networking and celebrations, there is somethingfor everyone to relax and share experiences after the Summit sessions. THE PEX NETWORK SPEEd NETWORKING EXPERIENCE J oin your business excellence peers for the PEX Network’s speed networking extravaganza. Voted as the highlight of the 2010 & 2011 events and with rave reviews, it’s guaranteed to put you in touch with at least 5 Process Improvement peers you’d never meet otherwise. With its simple format, it’s your one-off chance to meet contacts you may keep well into the future. It’s hard to get around and mingle with everyone at the event so this structured 30 minutes networking session will force you to expand your horizons and grow your circle of contacts in a few easy and fun steps. Who knows who you might meet. Be sure to bring a big stack of business cards! 16TH JANUARY: SUMMIT EVENING NETWORKING RECEPTION D irectly after the Day 1 workshops and activities, all Summit attendees will be invited to join us for an evening Take part in the Process Excellence Week Summit challenge: Will you come Summit launch party in the Process out victorious? Excellence Week Solutions Hall. Spend time with your colleagues Now complimentary for all Summit getting to know and exploring the attendees join us to: new and interactive solutions hall Participate in fun and interactive Prize draws, team activities, networking activities to meet demonstrations and much much even more of your Business more… Process Excellence Peers 17TH JANUARY: POST AWARdS NETWORKING ANd PARTY F ollowing the long awaited announcement of the 2012 Process Excellence Award winners, join your peers for an evening of celebration, relaxed networking and entertainment. Hosted outside in the gardens and pool area of the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa, you’ll be able to share food, drinks and stories whilst enjoying the stunning location. Tickets to the Post Awards Plus, if your hard works pays off and networking and party can be you are an award winner, don’t miss purchased for: this chance to have your official $50 as part of Platinum, Gold, photograph and pick up your award Silver, Bronze & repeat attendee winners congratulations package in packages the VIP area! $60 on the door for additional colleagues, spouses and friends 5Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  6. 6. AWARDS PROMOTION ENTRIES NOW OPEN FOR 2012! Deadline: 14th October 2011 PEX Network’s industry renowned Process Excellence Awards are the ideal way to publicly benchmark and recognize your Process Excellence business results as well as motivate and renew passion within your organizational team. Like no other award program, its for the community, judged by the community, so what better way to put your Lean, BPM or Six Sigma program back on your CEOs agenda and elevate your companys profile in 2012? 2012 Award categories: r§Program Awards: r§Best Business Process Excellence Program (Over 2 years) r§Best Start-up Business Process Excellence Program (Under 2 years) Project Awards: r§Best Process Improvement Project (Over 90 days) r§Best Process Improvement Project under 90 days r§Best Project Contributing to Organisational Value, Sustainability and Innovation r§Best BPM Project Individual Award: r§Deployment Leader of the year Meet the 2012 Judging Panel Drew M. Algase, Six Sigma Deployment Leader, Freudenberg NOK Diane Francisco, Associate Director Early Development, Covance John Murphy, Assistant Vice President, CSX Transportation Chuck Aubrey, VP Process Management & LSS, Anderson Packaging Rod Hill, Director Process Improvement & MBB, JEA Dr. Dan Lachica, President/CEO, First Philec Solar Corporation, Blackbelt Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Mark Fendley, Continuous Improvement Manager / VPS Program Leader, BMW Erika Westbay, Director BPM, The Nature Conservency Nancy Case, Sr Process Improvement Director, Global Infrastructure, Paypal Chris Galante, Process Improvement Leader & Lean Coach CDG, A Boeing Company JD Rapp, Global Director BPM & Organizational Capabilities, Whirlpool Corporation Jason Gerros, MBB, DTCC Get started today! Download the application pack online at
  7. 7. Gather more info at Register your place before 9th September and receive 40% offOnline: Email: +1-800-882-8684PEX Week – Be Part of a LongStanding History in ProcessCentricityP rocess Excellence Week Orlando is not only the original,but the largest annual meeting of the Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Summit, this year it fuses together BPM to create onePEX professionals and the flagship cohesive and collaborative platformmeeting of the PEX Network. Running for delivering excellence acrossfor over 13 years the meeting has the three principle discipline silos –a longstanding history in bringing process improvement, managementtogether the Process Excellence and for exceptionalnetworking, knowledge share and Bringing together over 700 attendeesbenchmarking. from a wide range of industries, Process Excellence Week isAs the industry has evolved, so has unsurpassed in cross collaboration and Over 700 Process Centric Leaders join for theProcess Excellence Week. Formerly opportunities to inspire best practice. opening keynote sessionAbout PEX Network – your Summit hostand free community forumAbout the Process Excellence Network P rocess Excellence Network, a division of IQPC, provides access to a treasure chest of relevant content for Process practitioners. Providing critical knowledge on the development of Process Excellence including Business Process Management (BPM), Lean, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Risk Management, Customer Experience and more, we provide the forum where key industry experts and organizations share their experience, knowledge and tools, and your practitioner peers connect with one another all over the world, both face-to-face and online. The Process Excellence Network is enhanced by an active online community of your professional peers, as well and face-to-face Summits and events that take place across the globe. Collectively we help you discover what the best are doing to get measurable results through Process Excellence and to seek actionable solutions to specific process problems through worldwide mass collaboration. In short, Process Excellence Network, (often known as PEX Network) enables you to advance your own process excellence journey by increasing your idea sources, widening your contacts and friendships and participating in ongoing formal and informal learning opportunities. 7Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684
  8. 8. Gather more info at Hosted by: | Phone: 1-646-454-4559 Become a member of Process Excellence Network and receive complimentary access to resources that will keep you at the forefront of industry change. You will receive access to our growing library of multi- media presentations from industry leaders, an email newsletter updating you on new content that has been added, free aggregated news feed from over 1000 global news sources tracking your industry and special member only discounts on events. Become a member here: Process Excellence Week is sponsored by: PLATINUM SPONSOR: PREMIER ASSOCIATE SPONSORS: ASSOCIATE SPONSORS: WORKSHOP SPONSORS: LUNCH SPONSOR: FEATURED EXHIBITORS: Partners KEY PARTNERS: PERFORMANCE & CHANGE 8 Online: Email: Tel: +1-800-882-8684