Quantified Self and Citizen Science breakout session mj - 12th may 2013


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At the Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference, I led a breakout session on Quantified Self and Citizen Science.

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Quantified Self and Citizen Science breakout session mj - 12th may 2013

  1. 1. QS and Citizen ScienceManeesh JunejaDigital Health Futurist and FounderQuantified Self EuropeMay 12th2013
  2. 2. DisclaimerAll views expressed are my own, and do notnecessarily represent those of MJ Analytics or Health2.0 LondonI have no financial relationship with any of theproducts/services featured in this slide deck
  3. 3. AgendaA focus on Citizen Science for HealthWhat role does Quantified Self play inpromoting Citizen Science?Will Citizen Science accelerate the pace of newscientific discoveries in the 21stcentury?How can Quantified Self support the growth ofCitizen Science in developing nations?What are the risks of citizens conducting theirown scientific research?
  4. 4. FutureMed 2013 – mindblowing
  5. 5. The bigger picture2011 - “Personal data is the new oil and the new currencyof the digital world”− Source: World Economic Forum2013 - “Big data is set to become one of the greatestsources of power in the 21stcentury”− Source: BBC Horizon documentaryToday - “Imagine being able to put sensors in your bodythat go to different organs, and they’re just sitting theremonitoring your internal health. I wouldn’t be surprised ifwithin two to three years, they didn’t have an app thatcould diagnose my health better than my cardiologist can”− Source: Vivek Wadhwa, Faculty, Singularity University
  6. 6. What can Citizen Scientists do?help gather data that will be analysed by professionalresearchershelp analyze data that has been gathered by professionalresearchersvolunteer at a research center or join a research expedition,such as those organized by the Earthwatch Institute.compete in competition such as NASAs International SpaceApps Challengebuild and operate their own instruments to gather data for theirown experiments or as part of a larger project.use their own organs as scientific sensors.Source: Wikipedia
  7. 7. Patients and Big DataPatients (in USA) are starting to realise thevalue of their own health dataA few of the initiatives in 2013 (click on logos to visit the site)Our Health Data Cooperative
  8. 8. New streams of dataSentiment analysis of social media channelsGenomic data (e.g )Online patient communities (e.g patientslikeme)App data (EEG, blood sugar, ECG, skingalvanization, physical activity)GlassSensors in carsInternet of Things/Internet of everythingInformation Obesity
  9. 9. Smartphones and sensors allow anyoneon the planet to gather and process health dataMobile Health Sensors linked to a mobile healthapp2017 forecast: $5.6 billion (CAGR: 69%)Truesense is the world’s smallestwearable bio-sensor35 EurosCaptures EEG, ECG, EMG, motionsand posturesShown at Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference
  10. 10. Over to the audience: Debate
  11. 11. ReferencesWorld Economic Forum 2011 – Personal Datareporthttp://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_ITTC_PersonalDataNewAsset_Report_2011.pdfBBC Horizon – The Age of Big Data - 4thApril2013 (Not available online – I have a copy you can watch – email me)https://twitter.com/ManeeshJuneja/status/319964662907154432Vivek Wadhwa - Front End of InnovationWellness conference, May 2013http://medcitynews.com/2013/05/watson-will-be-better-than-docs-other-sweeping-predictions-from-a-tech-optimist/
  12. 12. ReferencesFutureMed at Singularity Universitywww.futuremed2020.comOur Health Data Cooperativehttp://www.ourhdc.com/index.htmlBridgehttp://sagebase.org/bridge/Crohnologywww.crohnology.com
  13. 13. ReferencesuBiomehttp://ubiome.com/TrueSensehttp://www.op-innovations.com/en/node/95Forecast for Mobile Health Sensor market in2017http://mobihealthnews.com/21878/mobile-health-sensor-market-to-hit-5-6b-by-2017/
  14. 14. Questions/Comments• Twitter: maneeshjuneja• Email: Maneesh@mjanalytics.com• Website: www.mjanalytics.com• Next speaking engagement: Mobile InnovationSummit, Philadelphia, 19-20 August 2013