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Book club mtg 2

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Book club mtg 2

  1. 1. The Best Teacher I Ever Had Was… 0 Think of the best teacher you’ve ever had.  Why do you call her/him “The Best”?  What characteristics make that person stand out in your memory? 0 Write 1 characteristic per sticky-note in a word or short phrase <Silent Activity – 3 minutes> 0 Sort these characteristics into the 4 domains & discuss <Group activity – 5 minutes> 0 Debrief the process <Whole-Group activity>
  2. 2. Summary Jigsaw 0 Read your group’s summary silently, taking notes as you go. <Silent Activity – 5 minutes> 0 Number off by 4 & join groups by number 0 All 1s together, all 2s together, etc. 0 Discuss your group’s summary. <Small Groups – 5 minutes>  What stands out to you and why?  Did you notice or miss something others did not? 0 Return to tables, teach your summary to the others, and learn about their summaries, too! 0 Discuss, then debrief the process
  3. 3. Common Themes 0 Self-select 1 of the Common Themes to read (pages 32-38) 0 Think As You Read: <Silent Activity – 3 minutes>  How do you/could you incorporate this theme into the work you do in each of the 4 Domains? 0 Discuss these ideas with others who selected the same Common Theme. <Small Groups – 5 minutes> 0 Report out & discuss with the whole group
  4. 4. Next Meeting… 0 On Your Own  Read about Domains 1 & 2 0 Together We Will:  Analyze Characteristics of Danielson’s Rubrics  Practice “Metacognition”  Self-Select Goals for Challenge Areas February 18, 2012 3:45 pm, Board Room


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