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Digital Media Labs 101 for the Long Island Library Resources Council

  1. Digital Media Labs 101 Mick Jacobsen @mickjacobsen
  2. Who is this guy?
  3. What we will do this morning
  4. What is a Digital Media Lab?
  5. Why have one?
  6. Digital Literacy Benchmark 2: Libraries provide access to relevant digital content and enable community members to create their own digital content
  7. Employment
  8. Business incubator
  9. Expression
  10. History
  11. Community
  12. Civic Engagement
  13. A hub of creativity
  14. Library Projects
  15. Partnerships
  16. DMLs 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation
  17. The Skokie DMLs
  18. FY 10-11 FY 11-12 FY 12-13 FY 13-14 * DML Uses 1142 1405 1479 1548 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 DML Uses *Projected
  19. Peripheral items 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 FY 12-13 FY 11-12 FY 10-11
  20. YML
  21. TML
  22. Fountaindale Public Library
  23. Arlington Heights Memorial Library Studio
  24. Pilot Studio Renovation New Studio
  25. Ela Area Library
  26. Two Media Labs & One Maker Lab Barrington Area Library
  27. One Kids Lab
  28. Many more • Brooklyn Information Commons • Darien Library Media Lab • Tacoma Public Library Storylab • Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia • Etc.
  29. How about building a digital media lab?
  30. What is needed?
  31. Grants • Best Buy Community Grants • American Honda Foundation Grants • • IMLS • Local contributors (especially for kids)
  32. What is your vision for the space
  34. Work stations or laptops or both?
  35. Lighting
  36. Audio
  37. Noise! Don’t promise quiet
  38. Selling it
  39. Even these people
  41. Hardware and software
  42. What is being done in the spaces?
  43. Mac or Windows?
  44. Stuff
  45. Stuff
  46. Stuff
  47. Stuff
  48. Stuff
  49. Theft
  50. Software
  51. Low cost or free software • Gimp – Photo/Graphics • – Photo/Graphics • Pixelmator (Mac only) – Photo/Graphics • iMovie (Mac only) – Video • iPhoto (Mac only) – Photo • Garageband (Mac only) – Audio • Inkscape – Graphics/Illustration • Scribus – Layout Design • Synfig – Animation • Blender – 3D modeling • Nvu – Web Design • Audacity – Audio • Avidemux – Video • Jahshaja – Video • Windows Movie Maker Live (Windows only) - Video • Open Office – Productivity • Libre Office – Productivity • Mainstage (Mac only) – audio • Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements (Graphics/Video) • Comic Life
  52. High-end software • Adobe Photoshop – Photo/Graphics • Adobe Illustrator – Graphics/Illustration • Adobe InDesign – Layout Design • Adobe Dreamweaver – Web Design • Adobe Premiere – Video • Adobe Encore – DVD/Blu Ray Authoring • Adobe After Effects – Post Production • Adobe Lightroom - Photography • Adobe Flash – Animation • Adobe Muse – Web Design • Final Cut Pro (Mac Only) – Video • Motion (Mac Only) – Post Production • Logic Pro (Mac Only) – Audio • Pro Tools – Audio • Reason – Audio • Cubase – Audio • Roxio Toast - DVD/Blu Ray Authoring • Screenflow - Screencasting
  53. Budget station (graphic design) • Spare computer or budget Windows machine ($0-$600) • Epson Perfection V600 ($200) • Canon Powershot SX160 IS ($200) • Photoshop Elements ($100) • GIMP (Free) • Inkscape (Free) • Scribus (Free) • TOTAL = $500-$1100
  54. Midrange Audio Station • 21” iMac ($1,300) • M-Audio Fast Track Pro ($220) • Shure SM57 ($100) • Audio Technica AT2020 USB Mic ($150) • M-Audio BX5a Speakers ($300) • M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI Keyboard ($170) • Logic Pro ($200) TOTAL = $2440
  55. High-end everything station • Mac Pro ($4000) • LED Cinema Display 27” ($1000) • M-Audio Fast Track Pro ($220) • Audio Technica AT4040 Mic x2 ($600) • M-Audio BX5a Speakers ($300) • M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI Keyboard ($170) • Logic Pro X ($200) • Final Cut X ($300) • Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection ($2,600) TOTAL = $9,390
  56. 70
  57. Staff training
  58. Paid resources
  59. Classes for staff
  61. Patron Instruction
  62. Paid resources
  63. Staff created resources
  64. Lectures
  65. • Intro to Photoshop • Advanced Photoshop • Editing Video with iMovie • Digitization • Audio Production with Garageband • Google Earth • Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Illustrator • Green Screen basics • Adobe Acrobat • Mac basics Group Classes
  66. 1 on 1 classes • Mac Basics • Photoshop • Photoshop layers/masks • Illustrator • InDesign • iMovie basics • Garageband • Logic • Scanning • VHS/DVD conversion • Cassette/Vinyl Conversion • Google Earth • Adobe Premier Pro • Dreamweaver • Final Cut X • Final Cut 7 • Adobe After Effects • Podcasting • Lightroom
  67. Programming motivated by the space
  68. Skokie in Motion
  69. Open Mics
  70. Contests
  71. Youth
  72. Teen Photography Contest
  73. Teen Poetry
  74. Exhibits
  75. Online
  76. Catalog
  77. Physical
  78. Copyright
  79. Staffing
  80. Questions to ask
  81. Hiring
  82. Volunteers
  83. Patronsseniors, adults, teens, and kids
  84. Drawing seniors
  85. Drawing adults • Publicizing • Elevator speech • Keep the place civil • Listen to the professionals • Expensive equipment and software • Group and 1 to 1 classes
  86. Drawing teens • Teen only times • Hardware • Contests • Display spaces • Performances • Language choice issues • Hanging out vs. messing around • Schools/homework
  87. Drawing kids
  88. Kids Lab Considerations
  89. Kids lab programs • Stop-motion • Toontastic • Mindstorms • WeDo • Scratch Animation • Tech Open Lab
  90. Top 10 things that have surprised us about running Digital Media Labs 6. Feedback happens. A lot. 7. Balancing Intellectual Freedom while providing a safe space for creativity can be difficult. Example: Misogynistic/hateful lyrics in rap music. 8. Finding a happy medium for ages with different developmental abilities and content needs is a challenge. 9. If there's a hidden feature or bug in a program, a patron will find it. 10. Digitization is HUGE.
  91. Top 10 things that have surprised us about running Digital Media Labs 1. If a speaker can go up to 110 dB, patrons will play it that loud. 2. The majority of users seem to be 30 and over. 3. How many people don't even know some of this technology exists, at least so accessibly. 4. If you build one of these EVERYBODY will want a tour. 5. Teenagers like to pick at soundproofing foam insulation.
  92. Thank you @mickjacobsen

Editor's Notes

  1. job titlemy history in librarieshow long i have been doing dmlsi am a librarian
  2. talk , break, talk - maybe some small group work if we have tiemmy outlineover view of dmlswhy have dmlsselling dmlssome example dmls that I knowthe ins and outs of building a dmlhardware and softwarestaff trainingpatron trainingdrawing patron groupsthings to think about specifically for kidstop 10 thingssmall group work if we have time
  3. ask themA dml is a place for patrons to create digital contentlike what kind of content?
  4. again, why do you think?
  5. discuss the edge benchmarkssome you may know it better than i dowe are making a place for people to create meaningful content and along with that meaningful skillswill help libraries evaluate and continually improve their public technology services for their communities
  6. these are skills that create jobswho are you hiring? having the ability to create media makes anybody in any position more hirableget people who have not had a chance to work with stuff the ability to do so
  7. have been told that some libraries are nervous about putting people out of businessWe create businesses not hurt themthe kangaroo cut story
  8. getting quality to youtube, soundcloud etc. makes people able to express themselves betterneed the tech. skills
  9. digitization is bighelp people bring out their own historybe a publisher of historygives us the skills to be good at itrecord stories, etc.
  10. brings people togetherwe really have people meeting each other in the space and creating communityit also allows people to create content for online communities which are becoming more and more important
  11. remember the youtube debatespeople need to be able to communicate with oficials and with each otheror even create own adds
  12. Positions the library as a hub of creativity not just a hub of information. Can help creators with all types of stuff and become a center of creativity by doing behooves us to become the center of expressing yourselfas a place to create and publishmoving from warehouse to invention center
  13. Where is thumbkin 34,500 views! Don’t look at Youtube comments!oral historyvideo storytimesgreenscreenpodcasts and more
  14. With village, with other orgs and businesseswith businesses - restaurant working on menustell story about village gov.
  15. my idea of 1, 2nd, 3rd generationskokie is firstdiscussing medium to small public libraries
  16. this is the adult one4 imaceseach with its own kind of mission/software/hardwaresome similarities and some differencesgreen screen (you can see it in the back)
  17. going up but i think we are where we are going to bei do wish it was higher and if we made changes i bet it would be much highervery dependent on projectsscanning
  18. i will be going over what those are laterhere are some statsi find it very interesting that video cameras are goign down and stills are goign up - wonder if people using stills for video as wellthese items do not need to be used in the dml7 day check outsame amount of renewals as other items
  19. we noticed that the 7th and 8th graders would sit and stare in the doorwe got a donation of a mac and bought another to trywe will be adding two morelots of classesthey don;t get a ton of use but with policy changes we think this will change2012: 311 uses2013 (so far): 182 usesTotal DML Cards: 144
  20. a place to hang out and mess around.. loudlyit is actually built, just waiting on the new iMacs to be put outwe will have lots of good, lower end stuff in the space
  21. i love this space!they spent a ton of money, 1.3 million I believea whole floor of the librarybasement - floodingoverhead viewis this too much - i hope not
  22. this is what a patron sees as they get off the elevatorthey have another computer lab for regular computing needsstations that don;t need quiet or privacy (photoshop etc.)
  23. these are their studiosyou don't see the largest onethese are prefabricated nearly soundproof rooms (nothing is soundproof to a band that wants to rock as hard as the who)can be expensivesomething i highly, highly recommend - if i had room at skokie this would be the first thing i bought
  24. outside of meeting roomsthey hold small classespeople working together and need multiple screensetc.
  25. inside these meeting roomsnotice the camera, they can do skype meetings and everythingreally amazinggreat for businesses/distance students
  26. studio areaa and c are the studios and b is the production areai really am not an expert at thsi, if you go this way you need some experts!
  27. this is what it will look likethat is family reunion and they are fil,ing something,inside they are runnign the cameras, greens screen, lights etc.
  28. so this is what you can do if you ahve something like that
  29. studio aa place for graphic designand video designalso scanningHardwareiMac Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed ScannerPlustek Optic Film & Slide 7600 ScannerWacom TabletSony MDR-7506 Headphones SoftwareAdobe Creative Suite 6.0 Design Standard Final Cut XiLife '11 iWork '09 Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsersHandbrakeSilverfast 8EpsonScanScreenflow
  30. studio bvery similar to a but duel monitors for which is good for video productionand very nice speakers/headphoneHardwareMac ProDual Dell Ultrasharp 24" Widescreen MonitorsEpson Perfection V600 Flatbed ScannerM-Audio BX5a Studio MonitorsSony MDR-7506 Stereo Headphones SoftwareFinal Cut XAdobe Creative Suite 5.0 Master CollectioniLife '11 iWork '09 Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  31. turntable, cassette deck for digitizationaudio interfacehigher end audio production softwarekind of for post production for audioHardwareiMac - 27"IONaudio USB Cassette Tape DeckNumark USB TurntableM-Audio BX5a Studio MonitorsM-Audio Fast Track audio interfaceSony MDR-7506 Stereo Headphones SoftwareLogic ProIzotope RXToontrack EZ DrummerMicrosoft Office 2011iLife '11 iWork '09 Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  32. the studioa larger room for video, camera and audio productiondifferent backdropsrecording boothalll kinds of great stuffHardwareiMac - 27" Studio Lights with Softening Umbrellas (x5)AlienBee 800 Studio FlashAlienBee 400 Studio Flash (x2)M-Audio BX5a Studio MonitorsCalumet 12' Background SupportGreen, Black & White backdropsPreSonus MSR Monitor StationPreSonusFireStudio ProjectM-Audio Axiom 51 MIDI KeyboardYamaha DTX500K Electronic DrumsetAudio Technica AT4033/CL CondensorMic (x2)4x6 Isolation VocalBoothSony MDR-7506 Stereo HeadphonesSoftwareLogic ProToontrackEZDrummerSmart MusiciLife '11 (iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes)iWork '09 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsersHandbrake
  33. Studio entryvhsdidigtationcan take a long time so people can do it and goHardwareMac Mini -Toshiba VHS/DVD Conversion UnitCanopus Analog/Digital Converter SoftwareiLife '11 iWork '09 Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsersHandbrake
  34. you can see the trend herethink they did better than we diddon;t have fountaindale stats as they have had so much growing paingo over stats
  35. Cord management!Scanning station
  36. Blue screen to green screen – also notice the floor – this is important, don’t want to cut off legskind of 3rd or even 4th generationsmaller library but well fundedthey are building multiple media labs and a maker spacethey arleady have one and has proven popular enough to create moreby the way, don’t use a blue screen - people tend to wear blue
  37. they are also putting a kids labsomething to think about as you build yoru space, are they going to be combined or what?
  38. all over the placehave you seen any interesting ones?
  39. ok, now you have seen some and i have hopefully convinced you that they are worthwhile lets talk about building one
  40. TimeSpacePeopleMoneyMore money
  41. our grant - member initiative grantsusanhildreth - director of imls said they would seriously consider people askign for dml grants even though the program is doneof course locals are the most likely to help - but like us you are next to a huge city who sucks up alot of the local cash
  42. What is your idealHow would patrons use the spaceWhat outcomesIf you were imagining one – what would it look like, feel, sound, Get a team together!
  43. Production, post production?Videos, digitization, animation, photos, music, etc.Do we need everything?
  44. Discuss how we do it How others do itDifferent management tracks – ela count everything, fountiandale check everything out, us have the space
  45. Now you start to think of the spaceAmbienceCulture of the spaceLightingPower/dataWorkspacesColorsCombined or separate rooms?
  46. Photography qualityIt gets pretty hot!
  47. Don’t build it next to the storytime room!Letting audio outLetting audio inhvac
  48. The place will get noisy, hard to stop it
  49. Admin/board
  50. You may bec shocked who you will inspire in the communityAnd staff
  51. Bring in expertsWe cannot know everything! Especially if you are building a space – audio is very, very difficult!Also experts in software can help get you off the ground - protools storyDon’t let them oversell you!
  52. stuff to have in your space, we have discussed it a little but this will get more in to the nitty gritty
  53. Good to know what is being done in dmls – learn from usDigitization is hugeVideo makingAudio production
  54. Try to keep circulating stuff under $400
  55. Story about record playerHeadphones important
  56. our experimental areaseeing if we can get more musicians, hasn;t really worked as well as we hopedcanopus is populardigitization takes time!
  57. tripods are bigwhat to do about flip cameras…good question, keep them or notNeed to think about storage spaceLooking in to a candy case sort of thing
  58. Mention that you want to upgrade the RAM as much as possible or at least up to 16gbs. Also wired mice better than wireless if possible (hate throwing away all the batteries or losing them). Also go with 27 inch if you can.
  59. Mostly a non-issue. Try to treat it just as we would anything else. Nothing special about our stuff.we have had a little on the ciruclating thingsnothing really in the dml itselfwe have a camera in the spacemaybe batteries go missing
  60. Adobe cclike a databaseyou may not want to go hog wild like thisthe cinema display an mac pro are cool but really  you could go with a imacgetting a couple mics is good for multi
  61. one of the biggest questions i gethow do you train staff
  62. is greatatomic is finei use for all my own training
  63. Mac store and local community colleges
  64. this is the video bootcamptraining for all full time and select part time public services classalso need to incorporate media creation in to everything we doharmonica example
  65. Youtube is amazingAdobe and apple have online training as wellthink about contributing yourself
  66. ok, now you need to teach the peopleyou have to understand that you cannot be an expert on everythingEla library does not help, only by appointment
  67. you have seen these before right? works as a kiosk and only in the library which is annoying
  68. blogsscreencastshandouts start guides attached to stuff
  69. go over each classthese classes tend to be 30-40 minutes discussion and then the rest hands-onlead to 1 to 1 classes often
  70. we find this to be the best way to train patronshave to walk the fine line between doing it for them though108 classes this calendar year – however if we had a fulltime dml person I think this number would easily double or triplealso you definitely need the right staff
  71. having a space like the dml helps open new horizonsyou can do all kinds of programming stuffsome you may already be doing but having a media lab will help bring it home and democratize it
  72. our film festivalSkokie in motion – 1-5 minute videos, opened it up to the whole area (something you could consider, working together) – showed in our auditorium that seats a little over 200 on movie screen – did not allow youtube submissions as I was afraid the internet would fail me, as it always does at crunch timehad 21 movies submitteddid it in our auditoriumcan offer to see their movie on the big screen in front 60-70 other people!planning on holding it again the next year
  73. this took place right after we opened the spaceys was doing a scooby doo puzzle hunt and one of the things was in front of green screensent all the families an image
  74. caldedcott winner displaytook pictures with their favorite bookthis must be a librarian, don;t know her thoughset up a mobile (our circulating) green screen in the lobby for opening night
  75. we already have many concerts but dml creators in this caseneed expertise and ability to stay open past 9pm
  76. skokie in motion was a contest but we have done others
  77. we have a ydmlhave found that kids need something to do, so we create contests and they can post their work
  78. this makes a lot of sensewe were doing it before but now we can offer cameras and software and even training
  79. you can see that alot of this overlaps contest, leads to exhbit etc.
  80. on our blog we have created contenta good way to make people feel goodpush their stuff to a larger audiencethe library is known as “good force” and having us display their work creates happy people!\tell the story of valerie
  81. not actually doing this yet but just a matter of timecontentpro or another archiving item will work I hopeann arbor doing stuff like this
  82. describe what we are doing with postersobviously music won’t work for thisgreat for historical slidesthey get the posters for free when we are done
  83. I am no lawyer, but I discussed with some… we are not liable for what people create – like copy machines – remixing is fine! We have a form for people to fill out if they want to publish with us.
  84. Adding full-time or part-time staffNot adding any additional staffExpanding the role of staff
  85. Will help be on-the-fly, one-on-one by appointment, in the classroom, etc.?Who will reserve and check the labs in and out?What hours will help be available?What form of help?How will the lab(s) be kept secure?
  86. when hiring what to look forthis includes librarianyou need to start thinking about producers and teachers as well as just librarianshow important is the mls?
  87. has worked out ok but not greattell geri’s story
  88. “Lure” them in with conversion, then get fancier Make sure help is available, preferably a real person1 to 1 classes and group classesIf you have a senior liaison, train themKeeping the place civil
  89. can’t torrent RAM and hardwareTeen only times – they often want to use inappropriate language