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M jackson edit5395_asign3

  2. 2. SKYPE • Can participate in both video and voice calls • Instant Messaging with up to 10 people provided at least one individual has a Skype premium paid account • One on one videoconferencing free • File sharing • Skype to Skype calls are free • Ability to screen share • Skype to Facebook and Skype Wifi abilities • Easy to start and exit the program • Contains useful features • Easy to learn and use
  3. 3. GOOGLE HANGOUTS • Have conversations with friends • Share pictures • Live video calls with up to 10 people free • Works right inside Gmail • Hangouts capable of working on Apple products • Easy to learn and use • Video tutorials are provided to learn each feature • Graphic elements are meaningful
  4. 4. COMPARISON ON PROS AND CONS SKYPE • Ability to SMS message must be bought in Skype credit • All mobile devices support Skype • One on one video chat • Up to 10 participants can video chat but one person must have a Skype premium paid account • You can share your screen only after establishing a video call • Integrates with only Facebook and Outlook GOOGLE HANGOUTS • Google Voice offers free domestic SMS • All mobile devices support Hangouts • Up to 10 participants can video chat • You can create a chat room and test the screen before inviting participants • Hangouts integrates with Google+, Drive and YouTube
  5. 5. RECOMMENDATION • Recommendation would be Google Hangouts. You can video conference with friends anywhere and from any device including Apple devices for free and by downloading the Google Hangouts app. You can video conference with up to 10 people for free unlike Skype, you have the ability to video conference with up to 10 people but one person has to have a premium account otherwise you are limited to only one on one conferencing. You can also prepare the chat room to test for connectivity/technology before inviting friends to connect on Hangouts with helps with testing your software, Wifi connectivity, etc. Google Hangouts also integrates with more social media outlets over Skype allowing individuals to have maximum outreach across multiple platforms.