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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Cri du Chat Syndrome By Joe McSparren Biology periods 5+6
  2. 2. Cause of syndromeCaused by the genetic information on chromosome 5 being lost. (very rare disease). Most of the time it occurs in the development of the egg or sperm. The Very little cause that rarely happens is translocation, between parents.
  3. 3. Diagnosis/Symptoms• Cry that is high pitched and sounds like a cat• Downward eye slant• Webbing or fusing of toes• Low birth weight and slow growth• Slow or no complete motor skills
  4. 4. Prevention• There is no know prevention. If you have it in your history, think about genetic counseling.
  5. 5. Description of cri du chat• 1 out of 50,000 kids get it• 1% of individuals get it severely• Happens to all ethnic groups• More apt to happen in females with a ratio of 4:3• Discovered by Jerome Lejeune in 1963
  6. 6. Treatment/Cure• No cure but treatment is to help them stimulate their full potential, such as speech therapy or using sign language if it is severe. Also doing occupational therapy by teaching strategies to cope with said syndrome.
  7. 7. Sources• MH0002560/•