The Regulator 2 1 7 5 t h M i l i t a ry Po l i c e C o mp a n y , C a mp A s S a y l i y a h , Q a t a r We are actively ...
Page 2 The R egu la tor           COMMANDER’S CORNER As I write this it is hard   for Soldiers. Hopefully        that are ...
Page 3                                                                                                 V o lu m e 1 , Is s...
Write me           Important Phone NumbersFIRST NAME LAST NAME                  Hannibal Armory (573) 221-44712175TH MP CO...
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October newsletter


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October 2011 Newsletter

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October newsletter

  1. 1. The Regulator 2 1 7 5 t h M i l i t a ry Po l i c e C o mp a n y , C a mp A s S a y l i y a h , Q a t a r We are actively trying to get Sara Evans, Missouri native, to come to Qatar and perform for us. We created a video invitation and posted it on YouTube along with our Facebook page. You can help us get her here by using the following link to our Facebook and click on the YouTube video. V O L UM E I , IS S U E 1 October 21, 2011 2175th Military Tr a n s f e r o f A u t h o r i t y Police Co On October 12, 2011,Commander ASG-QA held the CPT Shane Spellman Transfer of AuthorityExecutive Officer (TOA) ceremony for 1LT John Bodkins the 175th Mp Bn. The TOA is the ceremonyFirst Sergeant 1SG Bobby Richards that transfers their du- ties, or “passes the ba-HQ Platoon Sergeant ton,” from one com- SFC Jody Stoebe mand to another. In1st Platoon Leader this case, the 1148th 2LT Thomas Goehring and 1177th transporta-1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Michael Lilly tion companies out of Georgia, turned over2nd Platoon Leader CPT Spellman, 1SG Richards and SGT Blank at the command of their op- 2LT Randall Paton Transfer of Authority ceremony.2nd Platoon Sergeant erations to the175th Mp SFC Ryan White Bn.3rd Platoon Leader 1LT Joseph Moore R el i ef In P la c e3rd Platoon Sergeant SFC Jeffery Howard Since the 2175th MP if needed. They CO arrived at Camp As worked with each other Sayliyah, they have on what to do in differ- been working hand in ent situations that might hand with the Georgia occur. At the end of the units completing the RIP they went through RIP (Relief in Place). the validation process This process is a way in which they were for our Soldiers to per- evaluated on their reac- form their mission, tion to different training while the other Soldiers situations. are still present to assist
  2. 2. Page 2 The R egu la tor COMMANDER’S CORNER As I write this it is hard for Soldiers. Hopefully that are back home. Al- to believe we have been within the next 30 days though it is difficult to in country for nearly we will be afforded the be away from home I thirty days. The “TOA” privilege of civilian know we are in your transfer of authority clothing. The Soldiers thoughts and prayers just from the departing units, will then have lots of as you are in ours. went well and we are opportunities to visit firmly entrenched in our Doha and get to see the daily duties. The chow country around us. As here is amazing and the time moves for us I there is a plethora of ex- hope and pray it moves tracurricular activities just as quickly for those1 S G P R O U D L Y P RES EN TS Greetings to all family members and Camp Shelby, MS. SPC Courtney friends of Soldiers from the 2175TH West was recognized for her rendition Military Police Company. This is the of The National Anthem during the first of many newsletters to come from 175TH MP BN TOA Ceremony Qatar as we go through our deploy- (Transfer of Authority). There have ment. I will be giving you updates on been many other accolades that have our Soldiers training and accomplish- been given to numerous soldiers as ments throughout the year. Currently, well. I look forward to sharing with our Soldiers have assumed responsi- you the successes that all of our Sol- bility for the security of the camp. We diers achieve throughout the deploy- have already had Soldiers receive rec- ment . The last and most important ognition for the accomplishments information that I have is the welcom- leading up to Qatar and once here as ing of our newest military family well. SPC Michelle Hurt was recog- member, Addison Mae Bruno born 20 nized for her tactical expertise during OCT 11 to SPC Robert Bruno and Mi- FRG SPOTLIGHT the final field training exercise at chelle. Congratulations!!! 2175th FRG has been very The next Saturday, Nov. busy since the unit de- 12th will be the Veterans ployed. Our next meeting Day Parade in Hannibal, will be November 5th, and we will be participat- part of the volunteers will ing in this event. The Ea- be working and creating gles Club and Aux. in something special at the Hannibal will be serving armory in Hannibal and kids of the 2175th Break- several others will be fast with Santa on Dec. marching in the Veterans 3rd at the Hannibal Ar- Day Parade in Moberly. mory.
  3. 3. Page 3 V o lu m e 1 , Is su e 1 Below: WWII Veteran and POW speaks with soldiers about his ex- perience while observing the M2 HB .50 CAL Machine Gun.SPC Courtney West sings The NationalAnthem, during the Transfer of AuthorityCeremony Left: SPC Bruno prepares for the long flight to Qatar Below: Select members of the 2175th MP CO are pictured with the Qatari Military soccer team after a scrimmage.
  4. 4. Write me Important Phone NumbersFIRST NAME LAST NAME Hannibal Armory (573) 221-44712175TH MP COBOX 523 State Chaplain (573) 638-9618APO, AE 09898 Red Cross (877) 272-7337BIRTHDAYSSPC OSORIO, BRIAN 11-1 IMPORTANT WEBSITESSPC NICHOLS, JAMIE 11-3 www.tricareonline.comSSG BAKER, EUGENE 11-9SPC STARK, DARYN 11-10 www.armyonesource.comSPC BLOCKER, ANTHONY 11-11 www.moguard.comSPC SCHEETZ, KENNETH 11-12 www.armyfrg.orgSFC JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER 11-13PFC PIEPER, CODY 11-13PV2 FENDER, TYLER 11-15SGT BARRON, NICHOLAS 11-16SSG JONES, DAVID 11-17PFC TARVIN, LAITH 11-18PFC MEYER, EDWARD 11-19SPC HOUSE, JARED 11-20PFC CLARK, CHRISTOPHER 11-21SGT THOMPSON, JAMES 11-23PFC BURNS, RANDALL 11-25SGT JACKSON, ROBERT 11-29 Birth AnnouncementOn October 20, 2011, AddisonMae Bruno was born to SPCRobert Bruno and wife Michelle,weighing 6lb 6oz and 19 1/2inches long.