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WordCamp Pokhara - Contributing to the WordPress Repository in a smart Way


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This is the presentation of my WordCamp Pokhara 2018 talks. I have talked about how to submit and review items, thus contribute to the WordPress community. It will help to start contributing in the official WordPress.Org website.
Resources could be found at

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WordCamp Pokhara - Contributing to the WordPress Repository in a smart Way

  1. 1. HELLO! I am your host, Mizanur Rahaman Mizan. I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh! • WordPressian since 2010, full time WordPress Professional since 2012. • Former Lecturer of CSE at University of Information Technology and Sciences. You guessed it right! I am a Computer Science and Engineering Post Grad. • Developing WordPress Theme and Plugin under our business named TechnoCrews and ThemeRally since 2015.
  2. 2. How to Contribute Things we can do in WP.Org Repository
  3. 3. We can! • Voluntarily • Support others in the support forum • Submit Theme and Plugins • Review Theme and Plugins
  4. 4. What we need? In order to contribute
  5. 5. We need … • A account ( easy peasy eh!) • For helping in the support forum, we need supportive mind and patience to read. Trust me it might be enough to help! • To review and submit item, let’s go to the next slide to learn briefly.
  6. 6. What we need? For submitting items
  7. 7. For submitting theme & Plugins, • You need a Theme/Plugins. • Your item must have to be GPL compatible. • Properly escaped and sanitized • Translatable. • Error free
  8. 8. How to achieve that? (theme) • There is a special guideline to submit a Theme. Please check • Also Slack channel at #themereview • Make sure to have all the testing data and tools. Tools available :
  9. 9. Tools you should have .. • Theme Sniffer or Similar one ( Very Essential) • Theme Check • Translation Creator • Validation • Debug Bar ( Not necessary though)
  10. 10. Tips from Me • Make sure your theme is GPL Compatible (important) • Your Screenshot is important • No branding please • Be careful how you license and use third party libraries. • Always submit items reviewing by yourself multiple times so it doesn’t have any visible errors or common errors. If you do so, you could be a candidate for trusted authors. • Remember, item code also checked manually.
  11. 11. For submitting item ( Plugins) • Plugins is comparatively easier to get approval. Details are available here: • You need to be familiar with Subversion system as plugin need to be submitted using subversion. • All theme check issues must be addressed. • Plus make sure there is no malicious code and PHP error.
  12. 12. Ultimate Tips from me! • Go with minimal feature. • Once Item is approved, increase feature as you won’t be in queue to update items. (hey still you can’t put any TOS violated things) • Make translation file for your item properly.
  13. 13. Submitting items.. • Make the compressed version of the theme. • Theme is very easy. Login to your WP.Org account. • Go to: • Just upload • Remember, each time you make change, you just change the version of your theme to a new one! • If you have asked for correction, correct and re-upload. • Repeat, the process until you are approved. • Plugins has similar structure ( Only difference you upload through subversioning tools)
  14. 14. What we need? For reviewing items
  15. 15. Remember, • Anyone can review items. • It helps a lot. • Make sure you have: • Know all the guideline to review items. • Theme Check tools • You know how translation file works. • Common PHP error idea and solutions • Patience • We need more reviewers as it is voluntary work.
  16. 16. What you need to review • Learn all the reviewing guideline: • Request reviewing an item: • Check the item and verdict accordingly.
  17. 17. Tools. • I will list most of the tools required in my website at: • A Video on the review process will be added in the website in same page.
  18. 18. Reach me at: • • Email: • FB: • Twitter: mizpress
  19. 19. Thanks!
  20. 20. Any Question(s)?