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Using Jott to document RTI interventions

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. From the teacher who brought you podcasting via robo-dial systems...
  2. 2. Just Jott me...
  3. 3. “ And as part of implementing RTI, we will have to document each individual contact we make with students that is an intervention” Program Specialist “ Every conversation? Oy!” School staff member Background: RTI (Response to Intervention) is the new implementation of federal Special Education programs that gives more services to students before qualifying for Special Education services, but requires more interventions, and yes, documentation. What’s a busy staff member to do?
  4. 4. “ Ms. Mercer, is there anything we can do to streamline or automate our documentation?” School Psychologist “ Maybe we can get some forms with check boxes?” School Staff Member Hmm, the administrators use their PDA’s and cell phones a lot, maybe we can work with that? Still, who’s going to type all that in? Ms. Mercer the Tech Teacher
  5. 5. I know I remember something about speech to text… Ms. Mercer Two weeks later… “ Well, no one is crazy about the forms I have” School Psychologist “ I’ll see what I’ve got?” Ms. Mercer
  6. 6. THAT’S IT! Now I remember! It was Jott!
  7. 7. “ So you just go to Jott, give it your cell number and email.” Ms. Mercer
  8. 8. “ Then you call Jott from your cell phone, and leave yourself a message… ” Ms. Mercer Jott: Who would you like to Jott? Me: Myself Jott: [ beep] Me: Hi, I was just with Stevie over in Ms. Ramos room and he was climbing on top of the book shelf and refused to get down when his teacher asked him to... … and about 15 minutes later…
  9. 9. “… you get a transcription by email! You can even cc: them to other staff members.” Ms. Mercer
  10. 10. “ And it’s so simple!” Ms. Mercer Tech GODDESS “ WOW! This is so great!” Administrator