Collaboration at UCSF


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Collaboration at UCSF

  1. 1. Collaboration at UCSF AND SOME TOOLS TO FACILITATE IT Michele Mizejewski Emerging Technologies Specialist UCSF Library February 13, 2009
  2. 2. Collaboration  collaborate (v) : to work together with others to achieve a common goal  Who is collaborating?  Researchers  Clinicians  Teachers  Students  Technology tools can make it easier to connect with colleagues regardless of location
  3. 3. Tools for Collaboration See:
  4. 4. A Few Examples…  RefShare  Share RefWorks references globally for collaborative research  Wiki@UCSF  Easy-to-edit web sites for sharing files and writing collaborative documents  BiomedExperts  The first literature-based scientific social network
  5. 5. What Are We Missing?  What are your needs around collaboration  Which tools do you use?  Which would you like to learn more about? NEW on 2/18:
  6. 6. Contact Us Michele Mizejewski Emerging Technologies Specialist UCSF Library OR Send us feedback from the link on the Collaboration Tools web page