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Sugar Addiction: How To Change Your Behavior

Feeling "out of control" or "weak" around certain foods only makes changing your behavior more difficult. When you're at your wits end trying to stop regularly overeating, another diet or more willpower is the last thing you need. This presentation focuses on using another approach to get leverage on yourself.

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Sugar Addiction: How To Change Your Behavior

  1. 1. overeating and sugar addiction How to Change Your Behavior the full plate
  2. 2. when you look in the mirror, what goes through your mind? the full plate 2
  3. 3. It’s easy to (consciously or unconsciously) ignore this “internal data.” These signals and messages are programming your behavior, your feelings and your interpretations all day long. the full plate 3 what sensations do you notice in your body? what thoughts go through your head? what does your intuition tell you?
  4. 4. the full plate 4 when you see someone you admire, what goes through your mind?
  5. 5. the full plate 5 The thoughts in our head are constantly telling “stories” about our lives, our identity and other people’s well as what’s happening, what has happened or what will happen to us. Our stories are shaped as we grow up, age and gain experiences. MY  FIRST  MEMORY “I remember watching mom talk on the phone as I was playing on the floor...” THIRD  GRADE  CLASS “The teacher told me my answer was wrong in front of the whole class. I felt stupid.” FIRST  GRADE  CLASS “I got sick at school one day and threw up in front of everyone...I was mortified.” HIGH  SCHOOL “I always wanted him to notice me. I was so awkward around him. ON  THE  JOB “I spend most of the day multitasking and it seems I never get things completed like I want to. I used to really enjoy this work but now I mostly feel stressed.” IN  PRIVATE  MOMENTS “I don’t want to be seen naked with the lights on...I look back at old photos and wonder how I got this way. I’m angry at myself, and I don’t know what to do.”
  6. 6. the full plate 6 your story with food The story you’re telling yourself now about the way you eat, how much “control” you have, what you are capable of and how much you respect yourself is driving  your  behavior.
  7. 7. the full plate 7 “I’m not happy with my body and the way I’m eating” “I’ll never be ‘naturally slender’ and eat ‘normally’” “It’s was such a big day. Some ice cream wouldn’t hurt. Just a bit before bed...” “I’m such a screw-up. I have no control whatsoever. Once again I ate way more than I wanted to last night. So much for changing my behavior. I’m just going to have to accept that I’m weak and I’m never going to be slender.” The evolution of a story
  8. 8. Our stories can also be very subtle. You’ll be able to identify it if you hear yourself saying variations of, “I am...” the full plate 8 “I am a meat eater.” “I am not a jogger.” “I am addicted to sugar.” “I am too old for that.” “I am too young for that.” “I am a chocoholic.” “I am fat.” “I could never be a vegan.” “I am not like that.” “I always do that.” “I am a mess.” “I am capable.” “I am not like him.” “I could never do that.” “I used to be that way.” “That’s not ‘me.’” “Maybe one day I will.” “I am getting stronger.” “I will do it.” “I’m never going to get there.” “I am tired.” “I am intelligent.” “I can do that.” “I am improving.”
  9. 9. Our internal dialogue (our story) is affected by our actions and behaviors....just as our actions and behaviors are also affected by our internal dialogue. If you mess with one, you can shift the other. You get leverage on yourself by taking an indirect approach. As a result, your beliefs start to change. the full plate 9 internal dialogue actions & behaviors beliefs
  10. 10. the full plate 10 what if you told a different story, even if only for a day?
  11. 11. the full plate 11 for fun, for every “I am...” you identify, take on the opposite.
  12. 12. the full plate 12 “I am a not  a meat eater.” “I am a jogger.” “I am not  addicted to sugar.” “I am not  too old for that.” “I am not  too young for that.” “I am not  a chocoholic.” “I am not  fat.” “I could  be a vegan.” “I am like that.” “I no  longer do that.” “I am not  a mess.” “I am not  capable.” “I am like him.” “I could  do that.” “I  am  sIll  that way.” “That is ‘me.’” “Maybe one day I  won’t.” “I am not  getting stronger.” “I will not  do it.” “I am  going to get there.” “I am not  tired.” “I am not  intelligent.” “I can not  do that.” “I am  not improving.” From our previous examples:
  13. 13. what would it be like to live like that for a day? the full plate 13
  14. 14. the full plate 14 in other words, fake it until you make it.
  15. 15. the full plate 15 An “inside-out” approach You can try another diet plan, exert force with willpower or give up trying to change. All of these solutions are “outside-in” approaches...and in most cases, the results don’t last. Changing behavior, breaking habits and creating permanent results requires rewiring from the inside.
  16. 16. the full plate 16 Now let’s take the same “opposite approach exercise” with behavior. Notice the routines you go through on a daily basis...especially the ones at the beginning of your day, because they set your foundation. What do you do when you wake up? Are you a breakfast eater? Do you exercise? Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you meditate? For  one  day, do the opposite of what you normally do. Mess with your psychology. Shake up your routines. For example: 1. Eat breakfast (or don’t). 2. Exercise (or don’t). 3. Drink tea instead of coffee. Or coffee instead of tea. Or water instead of either. 4. Meditate (or don’t).
  17. 17. the full plate 17 If you can change your behavior and your story for one day, you become aware of how to change your behavior and story for another day. You can keep the same new behavior and story...or try something else.
  18. 18. one day at a time. the full plate 18
  19. 19. the full plate 19 Create a new story.