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NCL-CHC workshop #2


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Roof and gutter repairs for historic homes

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NCL-CHC workshop #2

  1. 1. Roof and Gutter Repair for Historic Homes NAPA COUNTY LANDMARKS, INC. City of Napa Cultural Heritage Commission Workshop 7 February 2009 ©Juliana Inman Architect
  2. 2. Maintain integrity by using the Secretary of the Interior Standards 6. Deteriorated historic features will be repaired rather than replaced. Where the severity of deterioration requires replacement of a distinctive feature, the new feature will match the old in design, color, texture, and, where possible, materials. Replacement of missing features will be substantiated by documentary and physical evidence.
  3. 3. Typical underside of roof showing “skip sheathing” and original wood shingles
  4. 4. Original roof rafters and “skip sheathing”, plywood sheathing has not been done
  5. 5. Inappropriate roof material By 1989 - several layers of roofing, with white shingles replacing original wood shingles
  6. 6. Original Architect’s drawing showing wood shingle roof:
  7. 7. By 2006 Re-roof on both houses: Install ½” CDX plywood over “skip sheathing”, nail per CBC, install Simpson A35 anchors @ perimeter, use 30-40 year composition shingles in color similar to historic wood shingles.
  8. 8. Restored wood shingle roof, First Street Use fire retardant treated shingles. Consult with building department and Fire Marshal. Treated wood shingles not considered a Class “A” roof.
  9. 9. Gutters – restore or replace redwood “fascia gutters?” On addition, a standard “Ogee gutter” with crown molding below to provide similar appearance.
  10. 10. Addition with “Ogee” gutter, original redwood “fascia” gutter above
  11. 11. Closer view of original redwood “fascia” gutter. Note edge of lead lining in gutter.
  12. 12. Another “Ogee” gutter replacement of missing redwood gutter, note small crown molding added under “Ogee” gutter