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Final Year Presentation


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Published in: Design, Lifestyle
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Final Year Presentation

  1. 1. Revolution of Hijab Final Year Project 1 Nurul Amira Azman 1081105834
  2. 2. Project Proposal• Title : The revolution of Hijab• Background : Some of Muslim women are wearing a simple style of hijab. They are like to try and put some art in their style to make it look more fashionable.• Aim : To allow Muslim women to try fashion from pop culture.• Target Audience : Muslim women that interest on pop culture and crazy on urban fashion.
  3. 3. Project Proposal• Objective : - Even wearing a hijab, Muslim women can still combine Hijab with pop culture. - Can wear a hijab in new style and design. -Encourage young girls to wear a hijab
  4. 4. • Design Approach : The video would be played when the user enter the space. The installation would be a video which projected on the wall. In video would have a tutorial video which how to wear a video like Lady Gaga for example.• Impact of Project :- This project could be a tutorial video how to wear a hijab.- The user will know which artist that I mean.
  5. 5. Idea Development• Idea - the revolution of Hijab - to merge a Hijab with pop culture Concept - The concept is derived from the current fashion style of Muslim women of wearing hijab in different style. They are not only wear a hijab but there is a art in their fashion. Idea Development - Keep changing - The installation art consist of media elements : a) Video b) Sound c) Graphic
  6. 6. Content DevelopmentFloor Plan
  7. 7. Content Development
  8. 8. Content Development
  9. 9. Precedence Studies• Star Wars Inspired Fashion
  10. 10. Star Wars Inspired Fashion- Hoodie as a accessories
  11. 11. Lady Gaga Fashion
  12. 12. New Style of Hijab
  13. 13. Hijab Style and accessoriesYuna Hijab Style
  14. 14. Research and Analysis• The definition of hijab The definition of hijab is the headscarf worn by a Muslim women. The general term of hijab are for Muslim women covering up according to a Islamic law. In Islam, Muslim women have to covering of everything except the hands, face, feet in long, loose and non see through garments. Muslim women are required to wear a hijab in front of any man they could theoretically marry. This is means that hijab is not obligatory in front of a father, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, or young children. Besides, hijab does not need to be worn in front of a Muslim women but there is a debate about what can be revealed to non-Muslim women.
  15. 15. Research and Analysis• Hijab in Malaysia Most women and girls in Malaysia wearing hijab. They will wear the veil when to leave the house. Women genitalia sholud be preserved and protected from the sight of men which is women should covered the whole body except for their face and two hands. However, if women have a very beautiful appearance, they should covered their face to avoid defamation. While for the genitilia of the family is from the navel to the knee. Therefore, women are not need to wear a hijab in front of their family members. Besides, the genitilia among sex is from the navel to the knee. Aurat is a dignity to a person, which must be maintained and preserved over time. The Prophet of Muhammad SAW said: “Aurat believer to another believer is illegal” (Hadith History Aththahawi) “If a child has reached puberty women, not visible from it other than faces and the palms of her hand until the wrist“ (Hadith Narrated by Imam Abu Daud from Qatadah) Muslim women has covered their hair with a scarf. All shop had provided many types of scarf for Muslim women which is batik patterns, flower, polka dots, plain, and colorful patterns. The way to wear scaft is easy and simple. Only be wrapped around the head and pin to the specific part. For example :
  16. 16. Research and Analysis New way of wearing Hijab• At present, there are many ways of wearing hijab. It looks modern and so fashionable. Wearing a hijab and wrap the hijab had become an art. There are many fashion designers have introduced new ways to wear scarves for over time. In fact, the manner of wearing the hijab is in accordance with the clothing wearer. The most famous hijab style on this time is Hana Tajima style.• Hana Tajima is a fashion designer and she has introduced a new way to wearing a hijab. The Hana Tajima Hijab style are started to be known and famous on 2011. She introduced a new way to wearing hijab in her personal blogs, and she uploaded a tutorial of wearing hijab to the public on youtube. This is the link for the tutorial from Hana Tajima . All Muslim women can leran the new way of wearing hijab in this tutorial video.
  17. 17. Research and Analysis• Famous Hijab Style today = Hana Tajima hijab style Hana Tajima in white shirt
  18. 18. Hana Tajima• Most famous Hijab style at present was a style that comes from Hana Tajima. Image 2.2 shows the picture of Hana Tajima. She is a fashion designer. She have a pretty mixed background which her father is a Japanese and her mother is English. Her parents are artists, so she grew up in creative environment. She become a Muslim about 6 years ago. She is a designer of her own line
  19. 19. Hana Tajima inspired hijab style
  20. 20. This picture is from a magazine that shows the fashion style of the urban culture