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Mk network programmability-03_en


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Network Programmability and Programming Paradigm discussion

Published in: Engineering
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Mk network programmability-03_en

  1. 1. 19  Feb.  2015   Miya  Kohno,   “Declarative Programming” and a form of SDN Network Programmability Study Group Workshop #3
  2. 2. About me •  Miya  Kohno,  Principal  Engineer,  Cisco  Systems   •  Used  to  be  a  soDware  engineer   - Love  of  Programming  style  discussion •  ADer  that,  I  have  been  a  network  engineer   - Protocol     - Network  Architecture •  Official  Blog   - hPp://   •  TwiPer   @mkohno  
  3. 3. Agenda •  Programming  Paradigm  Discussion  in  the  Networking   Discipline   •  A  Form  of  SDN Open  Daylight  -­‐-­‐  BGP-­‐LS/PCEP and  MD-­‐SAL  
  4. 4. What is Network Programmability ?! •  Neutron I E T F •  NETCONF/YANG   •  I2RS   •  FORCES   •  + and  any  network  protocols  !     To  be  Programmed  /   Orchestrated  by  Network   Engineers To  Program  Network  Devices  (Virtual,   Physical)
  5. 5. Programming Paradigm Trend