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Principles of honest business


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Principles of honest business

  2. 2. Accepted standards of business ethics vary from place to place.However Bible principles can be used as a foundation for ethical decision-making. Honest business practices have the following six characteristics:
  3. 3. TruthfulPrinciple:“Do not be lying to one another.”- Colossians 3:9.
  4. 4. DependablePrinciple:“Just let your word yes mean Yes, you’re No, No”.– Matthew 5:37.
  5. 5. TrustworthyPrinciple:“Do not reveal the confidential talk of another”. –Proverbs 25:9.
  6. 6. HonestPrinciple: “You are not to accept a bribe, for thebribe blinds clear-sighted men”. – Exodus 23:8.
  7. 7. FairPrinciple:“All things, therefore, that you want men to do toyou, you also must likewise do to them.”– Matthew 7:12.
  8. 8. LegalPrinciple:“Render to all their dues, to him, who calls for thetax, the tax.” – Romans 13:7.