Gay Adoption in Russian Federation


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Gay Adoption Possibilities in Russia

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Gay Adoption in Russian Federation

  1. 1. Gay adoption should be legal in Russia
  2. 2. Intro  Nowadays, the world and individual countries are as divided with regard to adoption as to other area of gay rights  Russian Federation outlaws gay marriage as well as gay adoption, because it’s political and social life is highly influenced by conservative Russian Orthodox Church  Unconventional sexuality is seen as perversion  International Adoption is not so popular
  3. 3. Intro  According to the representative of an international organization UNICEF in Russia Bertrand Beynvelya: “The number of children bearing status of "orphans" in Russia tends to increase. Moreover, many children have surviving parents.”  From 1993 to 2009 the number of parents deprived of their legitimate rights to their offspring increased almost 4 times  Today Russia has 740000 orphans and those deprived dads and moms. 160,000 children live and study in boarding schools.
  4. 4. Nuclear family  Russian government follows the argument that child should be raised in a nuclear family that consists of heterosexual parents with maternal and paternal influences. Nuclear family is the only alternative.  The most of the government is very bias about gay rights 430364DDB902_mw800_mh600.jpg
  5. 5. Nuclear family as a stereotype  Modern society is breaking the stereotype of a married father and mother  According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Russian Federation as of year 2007, each 7-th child of 18 years or 30% of all the children in Russia, brought up in single- parent family  It is proven that the stability of gay couples does not differ from those of heterosexuals’ and can provide loving and stable home for a child
  6. 6. What happens to kids raised by gay parents?  Russian government holds the standpoint that children raised in homosexual households are more likely to become homosexuals themselves  Nevertheless, research suggests that they turn out about the same, no better, no worse and no more likely to be gay than other kids  Gay couples can play a good role of responsible parents and have no effects on psychological, sexual, mental or physical development Adoption-2.jpg
  7. 7. What happens to kids raised by gay parents?  The author reports on 37 children who are being raised by female homosexuals or by parents who have changed sex (transsexuals): 21 by female homosexuals, 7 by male-to-female transsexuals, and 9 by female- to-male transsexuals. The children range in age from 3 to 20 years (mean = 9.3) and have lived in the sexually atypical households for 1- 16 years (mean = 4.9). Thirty-six of the children report or recall childhood toy, game, clothing, and peer group preferences that are typical for their sex. The 13 older children who report erotic fantasies or overt sexual behaviors are all heterosexually oriented. (Am J Psychiatry 1978; 135:692-697 Copyright © 1978 by American Psychiatric Association)  
  8. 8. UNICEF  Bertrand Beynvelya : “tends to increase the number of children in the status of "orphans“”.  period from 1993 to 2009 is significant increase in the number of parents deprived of their legitimate rights to their offspring
  9. 9. Summary  Homosexuality became legal since 27 May 1993  Anti-discrimination laws in any area  Same-sex marriage is prohibited  Adoption by homosexual couple is prohibited  Adoption by single homosexual is allowed  Gays allowed to serve openly in the military  Right to change legal gender since 15 November 1997  Allowed to donate blood (since 16 April 2008)