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are men and women equal in the military?

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Are women equal miya3

  1. 1. Are Women Equalin the U.S. military?<br />By : Miya Curry<br />
  2. 2. History of Women in the Military<br /><ul><li>The role of women in the military , especially in combat is extremely controversial .
  3. 3. During World War One and Two women were mainly used as nurses.
  4. 4. In World War One , about 34,000 women served as nurses in different branches.
  5. 5. It took the government and military awhile to recognize the potential value of women in the armed forces.
  6. 6. Women weren’t allowed to join the military because people were afraid that letting women in to the military would lead to women being in combat, and the roles of women were expected to be at home.
  7. 7. There were some branches that allowed women during World War 1, but Women weren’t allowed to permanently join the military until the 1940’s.</li></li></ul><li>Marines<br />There was a separate Marine Women’s Reserve , but on June 12th 1948 Congress passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act and made women a permanent part of the Marine Corps<br />Women in the Marines have equal opportunity to men.<br />Women are encouraged to enter technical and weapon jobs.<br />
  8. 8. Army<br /><ul><li>The Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) bill passed Congress on March 15, 1942.
  9. 9. There are approximately 73,000 women on active duty.
  10. 10. Women serve as truck drivers, gunners, medics military police, and helicopter pilots.
  11. 11. Female soldiers are stepping up and protecting convoy’s , which is a role traditionally filled by males. </li></li></ul><li>Navy<br /><ul><li>Women are not allowed to join the Navy Seals (Sea , Air and Land team )because they are not allowed to have direct combat roles.
  12. 12. Another reason women aren’t allowed to be in the Navy Seals is because of physical requirements.
  13. 13. Women have job opportunities in fields such as, electronics, aviation, security, and weapons
  14. 14. There are over 54,000 women in the Navy.
  15. 15. Only recently have women been able to serve on submarines, after secretary of state Robert Gates sent a letter to Congressional leaders on February 19,2010.</li></li></ul><li>Air Force<br /><ul><li>16 percent of women make up the Airforce.
  16. 16. There are only a few positions that exclude women, which are connected to units that could be involved with direct ground combat.</li></ul> Since 1989 the percentage of women pilots in training has doubled. <br /><ul><li>There is no other military branch that offers more aviation opportunities to women than the air force.</li></li></ul><li>Are women treated equally to men in the military <br />Even though women are allowed to join the army, not all branches of the military give women equal opportunity.<br />Women aren’t given any special treatment in the military, they are all treated equally. <br />Women are treated the same for the most part, they just have to prove themselves , because jobs in the military have been a <br />“ man’s job” for years.<br />
  17. 17. Facts<br />
  18. 18. Pictures<br />