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Class rules and grades


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Rules in our class, ways of grading

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Class rules and grades

  1. 1. Instituto Carlos GracidaLengua extranjera (Inglés)Level 4<br />Class Rules and Grading<br />Álvaro Ricárdez Scherenberg<br />
  2. 2. TheClass Rules.<br />WefollowtheSchoolReglament. <br />Be on time foryourclass.<br />Unrespectfulattitudeswillgetyou a C.<br />Bringallyourclass material<br />Stay in yourasigned place.<br />Grades are appliedto places notto particular students.<br />Bell ringing at classendisfortheteacher. Stay in place.<br />Avoidtrash. Keeptheclassroomclean and put in yourpocketallyour personal trashuntilrightdisposalisavailable. <br />Use thebathroomonly at recess.<br />
  3. 3. Wouldyoulike a great grade?<br />Cover and protectyourbookwith red paper and plastic. Don’tforgettowriteyourname and add a personal mark.<br />Writeclass date onyournotebook at thestart of a class. Do anappropiatefront page foreach new schoolterm. <br />Write new words, comments and examples. Be autonomous, don’twaituntiltheteacherorderswriting.<br />Note downallhomeworks and materialsforfutureclasses..<br />Whendoinganactivity, followinstructionsclosely. Ask forclarifications.<br />Deliveryourworkon time and as required.<br />Whenworking in teams, followdirections.<br />Be an active participant, don’tbeafraid of mistakes. Mistakesteach!<br />At home, reviewthe new words, thinkaboutcreativewaystoimproveyourEnglish. Itis a greattool and itmustbealwayssharp and ready!<br />
  4. 4. Thiswaytoyour grade!<br />SPEAKING10 %<br />Prayingis 5 %<br />EnglishSpeaking in/out of classis 5%<br />Examisjust 30% and itisaboutthetermobjective, payattentiontoit. <br />Bookand notebookare 5% each.<br />BOOK AND EXAM 40%<br />CLASS PARTICIPATION<br />50%<br />Participation as individual classwork is10%<br /> Web workis 20% <br />Teamworkis 20%.<br />
  5. 5. PrayRubric<br />
  6. 6. OutdoorsWork<br />Whengoingtotheasigned place, moveorderly and quietly.<br />Peekingintoanotherclassroomorgoingto a different place willgetyou a C.<br />Avoidpollutingthe new work place. Breaks in this rule willforcetheteachertoavoidoutdoorworkpermanently!<br />
  7. 7. Computer Hall Work<br />Keeptoyourasigned place. <br />Use thecomputerswithcare. Fewkidsorschoolhavethisprivilege in Oaxaca.<br />Notauthorizedwindowswillgetyoubad grades and hardpenalties. Avoidthem!<br />Turn off thecomputerwhenfinishing, and leaveyourworkplaceclean. <br />
  8. 8. EXTRAS<br />You can gettenths and extra pointsthisway:<br />Goingovertheminimumrequirements: adding new content, vocabulary, pictures, music, video orunusualviews. <br />Makingyourwork personal, referingtoyour real likes, feelings, desires and worries.<br />Bringing and gettinghandouts and interesting material to share withyour mates. <br />Volunteering and collaboratingactivelywithyourclass. <br />Keepingallagreementsonteamwork.<br />
  9. 9. OurFather<br />OurFather, <br />Who are in Heaven,<br />HallowedbeYourName,<br />YourKingdom come,<br />YourWillbe done, <br />OnEarth as itis in Heaven.<br />
  10. 10. Giveustodayourdaily bread,<br />And forgiveourtrespasses,<br />As weforgivethosewhotrespass<br />Againstus.<br />Lead usnotintotemptation<br />And deliverusfromevil.<br /> Amen.<br />
  11. 11. This is THE END Kids!<br />Allimages are fromPicasa, under a CreativeCommonslicense.<br />