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Welcome to mixsic


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mixsic ecommerce intro

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Welcome to mixsic

  1. 1. total ecommerce website management! ! Offering Your Company Complete! Control Over Increasing Your ! ROI!
  2. 2. Mixsic has grown up within the IT business, watching and participating as the Internet unfolded into an unquestionable marketing element of vast proportions that now effects every part of an industries business plan.! ! Mixsic is now in position to created the keys to ROI through ecommerce for your business. ! ! Mixsic completes the formula to extend your reach throughout the World Wide Web at an affordable rate, without sacrificing or cutting corners.! ! Mixsic has a multidisciplinary team that will fulfill and unlock the promise of doing business on the Internet: Design, Development, SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Content Management, Direct Sales… We cover every detail which will allow you to follow in real time the results of how ecommerce is making your business successful.! !
  3. 3. Mixsic conducts a complete review of where your business is now concerning the web .! ! These state of the art strategic methods link together and integrates your company your into the all these facets of ecommerce:! ! Banner and Ad Words! SEO optimization! Coupon programs! Email lists and SMS alerts. ! New social media strategies like! And other emerging Internet technologies by keeping our finger on the ever growing additions of the net.! ! In straight forward terms, we take your ideas of how you would like to grow your business on the web and make it a reality.! !
  4. 4. Internet friendly:! By introducing Internet friendly marketing and sales programs for ! your business, we develop a bright new Internet Business plan and ! strategy. ! ! Study your web:! With your help, we will study your web based target market by defining sales goals by identifying key possibly hidden marketing and sale channels. ! ! Brand position:! This includes understanding the current state and history of your brand position, (offline and online) competition, current products and current clients. ! ! We capture client profiles, like sex, age, US regions, online behavior and preferences to help in a controlled marketing facelift for new business development. ! !
  5. 5. These marketing initiatives are inclusive:! Current and past marketing initiatives are processed.! Social networking strategies and presence are measured.! Customer databases, along with all other pertinent marketing and ! advertising details are evolved. ! This is the undercurrent throughout the process. ! Creating more revenue from the internet is always center stage during this process as go about creating a personalized well oiled ecommerce Platform for the purpose of raising the ROI for your business, thereby, actually paying for itself. ! !
  6. 6. Web Site Design: Design of Web Site…Build and Test following the best practices of: ease of user navigation product discovery sale maximization customer management (order tracking, returns management) shipping, handling, results reporting and more. Key role models will be stores like Amazon and Zappos, which excel in all those areas, your business will now get to swim in the same waters as them. To accomplish what you are looking to gain, our work will cover front-end and back-end, SEO, ERP, CRM and third party integrations. Truly one stop shop. !
  7. 7. There is a proven path for increasing your!! ROI; this is what Mixsic is proud to bring to!! their customers.!