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MixORG Campus Talent Nurturing Program


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Guest lecture slides given by MixORG trainers for the initiative of MixORG for reaching out to campuses to nurture talent for social media industry.

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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MixORG Campus Talent Nurturing Program

  1. 1. MixORG  –  making  brands  go  social   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  2. 2.   Introduc<on    Guest  Lecture  Topic  :  Career  in  Social  Media   and  Social  Media  in  Career    About  the  Basic  Workshop  (paid)    Ques<ons   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  3. 3. About  Social  Media  Industry  and  MixORG   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  4. 4. ©  MixOrg  2011  
  5. 5.   Consumers  are  increasingly  spending  their   <me  online  and  on  social  media  plaLorms   like  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  TwiPer  etc    Social  media  is  becoming  a  plaLorm  for   mul<  way  interac<on,  sharing  and  hearing   of  views  and  increasingly  discovering   brands    Brands  need  to  create,  monitor  and   maintain  their  professional  presence  on  the   right  social  media  channels  to  engage   present  and  poten<al  customers   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  6. 6.   We  are  a  social  media  marke<ng  company   based  out  of  Delhi,  known  as  MixORG    We  are  into:     Social  Media  Marke<ng  Services     Social  Media  Educa<on   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  7. 7. ©  MixOrg  2011  
  8. 8. Today’s  Topic   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  9. 9.   Marke<ng  professionals    Engineering  professionals   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  10. 10.   You  can  translate  the  customer   need  into  a  successful  campaign     You  understand  the  user  behavior   on  Internet     You  can  make  the  campaigns  go   viral    You  are  always  willing  to   experiment  with  the  new  tool   before  most  of  your  friends  are   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  11. 11.   You  are  good  in  one  of  the   programming  languages  of   web.  Such  as  PHP,  Python,   Java  etc    You  are  good  with  JavaScript    You  understand  HTML  (HTML5   is  the  next  big  thing)    You  can  quickly  hack  up  a   working  prototype  with  third   party  APIs    You  know  basics  of  web  ©  MixOrg  2011  
  12. 12.   Some  of  the  important  trends  which  are  going  to  effect  students  of   ins<tutes  world  over  is  increasing  use  of  social  media  tools  for   produc<vity    Use  of  TwiPer  for  finding  news,  events     Use  of  medium  such  as  twiPer  by  companies  world  over  is  becoming  a  standard  to   take  customer  complaints    Use  of  Facebook  to  do  brand  management     Being  on  top  in  usage  of  social  media  tools  helps  not  only  in  customer  rela<onship   management  but  also  dissemina<on  and  brand  building    Use  of  LinkedIn  to  do  hiring    In  <mes  to  come  social  media  marke<ng  will  become  integral  part   of  course  curriculum  for  marke<ng/technical  students   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  13. 13.   Find  jobs    Manage  your  reputa<on  and  be  discovered    Find  opportuni<es    Lead  genera<on    Brand  Management    Sales/Business  development    Community  management    Awareness  and  keeping  in  touch   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  14. 14. Empower  yourself  through  our  workshops  "Self-­‐education  is,  I  firmly  believe,  the  only  kind  of  education  there  is."  -­‐Isaac  Asimov   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  15. 15. ©  MixOrg  2011  
  16. 16. Our  offering  for  academia   Giving  you  skills  for  life:   • As  a  student  you  enhance  your  skill  set   and  enable  yourself  to  chose  and  learn   from  the  Internet  and  grow  yourself   • As  a  future  worker  you  make  yourself   fit  for  the  job  and  ready  with  the  skillset   required  to  shine  out!   • Get  a  certificate    
  17. 17.   Team  of  highly  qualified,  crea<ve  individuals     Prior  experience  in  project  management,  social  media   strategy,  IT  implementa<on,  sales  and  marke<ng   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  18. 18. Sachin  Gaur    Gradua<on  –  B.  Tech,  Comp  Sc,  Jamia  Millia  Islamia,  2005,  Post   Gradua<on  –  MSc(Tech)  Aalto  University,  Finland  2009,  MSc(Tech)  Tartu   University,  Estonia  2009.  Pursuing  Doctoral  studies  in  Aalto  University    Professional  Experience     Adobe  India  ,  worked  on  Adobe  Reader  team  and  filed  eleven  patents   while  at  the  stay  at  Adobe  (2+  years).       Researcher  in  Social  Media  PlaLorms  for  HIIT,  Finland  (1.5  years)     Coauthor  of  a  book  on  Innova<on  and  Energy  sector   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  19. 19. Gaurav  Dhir    Gradua<on  –  B.  Tech,  Comp  Sc,  Jamia  Millia  Islamia,   2005,  Post  Gradua<on  –  PGDCM,  IIM  CalcuPa,  2007    Professional  Experience     Nokia  India  –  sales  of  mobile  phones  in  city  and  upcountry   markets  based  out  of  Jaipur  and  Udaipur,  Rajasthan  (2  and   a  half  years)     Olam  Interna<onal  –  procurement  of  agri-­‐commodi<es,   Ivory  Coast,  Africa  (1  year)   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  20. 20. Ac.vity  Type   Price  Basic  Workshop   700  INR/participant   ©  MixOrg  2011  
  21. 21. Contact  us  on: