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Strategy moves beyond advertising. As Richard Kirshenbaum once said, "it takes a lot of work to get accidentally discovered by the right people in the right way at the right time." Planning for opportunity we redefined a problem to build a nationwide campaign on (next to) no budget.

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  1. 2. the situation TIMBUK2 , a San Francisco bag company, looked to expand nationally . Having never advertised before, we were to develop an integrated brand campaign with nearly NO BUDGET .
  2. 3. The brand A San Francisco original since 1989 , TIMBUK2 has built a solid rep from its messenger roots, creating a loyal following as more than a bag, a BOND. Having never advertised, people discovered TIMBUK2 for themselves.
  3. 4. Redefining our Audience While TIMBUK2 had identified a consumer profile, it was far too diverse to develop any insightful singular communications strategy. Though they had the product portfolio to diversify communications, the reality was they did not have the budget to build a multi-channel, multi-market campaign.
  4. 5. Redefining our Mission Saving segmented communications for the future, we were inspired to scrap a majority of the client brief and change direction by focusing on the core user, the brand and work to build awareness. The goal became to help build the client’s business regardless of vehicle or methodology.
  5. 6. Planning for Opportunity This defined a challenge the client had not considered: replicating authentic adoption, creating an environment to allow for natural brand discovery by the consumer.
  6. 7. NEW Consumer profile Across the board, our main users are daily commuters. We know this, but to dig deeper we were curious Not how WE perceive them, BUT how THEY perceive themselves and the brand that will help guide TIMBUK2 moving forward.
  7. 8. I am
  8. 9. why do I purchase?
  9. 10. The essence of the brand
  10. 11. How they discovered Timbuk2
  11. 12. brand usage What are they using it for? We see, our target, the city urbanite, might have an office job, be a freelancer or in school, what ever they are, these are the people getting it done; practical daily commuters that need to move & need the things important to allow for that.
  12. 13. Brand usage Commuting is not a task, but a freedom of movement from place to place depending on activity& situation. Practical, opinionated, expressive & creative, MADE tangible in TIMBUK2. A badge of a lifestyle. Next we asked is this idea of mobility unique or an actual shift?
  13. 14. The Significance of Mobility Steadily increasing in the last 4 years it seems mobility is a worldly interest, and here in the US, the external forces our in our favor, as increased mobility directly related to technology—Wireless Connectivity & Mobile Devices(laptops & smart phones)
  14. 15. Real Barrier for expansion Fortunately, the challenge it is not in the product! As the market sees increased mobility people are on the move and some are using T2 to do so, but there is tremendous potential to expand if executed properly. Lack of financial resources is a problem, but more pressing is in HOW YOU COMMUNICATE.
  15. 16. How To Communicate Let people discover the brand themselves, embrace the brand themselves and allow people to advocate the brand themselves. word-of-mouth is 10x more effective
  16. 17. The BIG IDEA Authenticity is in history—One mans movement created w/ sewing machine now offering a broader range of products to allow larger audiences for various activities. T2 is providing the Basic-Equipment that allows the user to move, uncompromised, enabling the transport of Laptops, school books, cameras, iPods, WhATEVer a person may need, WHeReEver they may need it. EVENT DISCOVERY is a natural Fit.
  17. 18. Creating an environment to allow for natural adoption As it has been born naturally in San Francisco, so will it have to be in other cities. Inspired by the popular TV series, The Great Urban Race is a city adventure hitting every major market in the US. Creating experience for the user, TIMBUK2 provides the basic equipment for each team by providing bags.
  18. 19. Free WiFi Guerilla Stunt Partnering with the Great Urban Race established the driving force to help guide Timbuk2 moving forward. As part of a guerilla stunt we offer free wi-fi for a month’s time, beginning two weeks prior to each city’s race date, by sending a powerful signal from a centralized area in the city. No obligations to the user, just a landing page and brand name identified network. Mobility as it relates to technology.
  19. 20. TIMBUK2 BY BUS Guerilla Stunt Understanding our audience as practical daily commuters that require the ability to take the things they need w/ them, we really wanted to demonstrate our commitment to their freedom of movement. For our second stunt, on the day of the race, Timbuk2 will wrap and run paid buses for two hours in peak commute times. (1hr in AM and 1hr in PM)
  20. 21. Event Signage Perceived as superior durability it was important to demonstrate the brand’s signature quality as verification of authenticity. Banners we placed at the starting and finishing lines as well as the registration booth.
  21. 24. RESULTS Planning for opportunity we redefined a problem to build a nationwide campaign. Our strategy was based on our findings of Timbuk2’s reputation and the importance for authenticity; our efforts were awarded Best Presentation. The client was so impressed by our strategy beyond advertising Timbuk2’s Director of Marketing personally requested additional information on how they could pursue and implement our idea.