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Under the campaign “America Runs On Dunkin” we were to design ads and a tag for Dunkin Donuts. Establishing new opportunities for consideration of DD products this campaign was entertaining—it would become engaging.

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  2. 3. THE ASSIGNMENT Under the campaign “America Runs On Dunkin” we were to design print ads and a tag for Dunkin Donuts. Thinking the current campaign works to start an emotional connection— i ts honest, direct and humorous— we wanted to nurture the relationship. This campaign was entertaining, it would become engaging.
  3. 4. NEW OPPORTUNITY Minding our audience, the Dunkin brand and store layout meant creating opportunities for brand experience elsewhere than in-store. Aligning Dunkin and its products with snack times to get “us” through the day we reshaped the conversation of “how everyday people get going, every day” and created games to inspire people to get on with their day .
  4. 5. MOVEMENT BEYOND MEDIUM Satirical and humorous, the work lifts off the page and can be adopted into other mediums for promotional opportunities; Posters, POP displays and online were suggested. Coffee is a part of their day and their life, period; we asked them to consider new opportunities for Dunkin Donuts in their day with our “game of life.”
  5. 6. ONLINE, PRINT & POP “ Put your spin on the day” works to empower and inspire our audience as an interactive game that makes recommendations to the user based on their input.
  6. 7. PRINT & POSTERS The “Game of Life” is a slice of life reality pull from our everyday activities — g etting to work/school, picking up the kids, etc. Within the board game we emphasize Dunkin Donuts as an enabler to allow you to “get on with your day” and even jabs at Starbucks lingo.