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Basics for soundproofing a room

Basics for Soundproofing a Room

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Basics for soundproofing a room

  1. 1. Basics for Soundproofing a Room Here is how you can make a room into a fortress of solitude
  2. 2. Install Heavy Curtains • install heavy curtains in the room for sound absorption. • Purchase curtains that are built for absorbing sound. • Installing curtains will help soundproof the windows
  3. 3. Install Door Sweeps • Nail a rubber Strip to the base of a door to block the gap. • If the gap is too large to cover with as weep, nail a strip of lumber to the base of the door first. • It should also affect the AC in cooling the room properly.
  4. 4. Install Acoustic Panels • Purchase acoustic panels from shops. • Place the panels on the walls, and make sure that they are secured in place. • Panels are a little expensive, price increases with quality. • Set a budget before purchasing the panels.