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  • I’m going to try to have something for everyoneSome things will seem so obvious to some of you that you wonder why I bother to mention themSome things will seem so obscure you may wonder why I’m diving so deepHopefully something for everyone.
  • Media as lead-genI get good traffic on my Blog, but how do I monetize?How to I recover investment on legacy content?SmartMedia personalizes and monetizes Blogs, forums, reviews,..(notes to me)What about the 95% of visitors who don’t convert?Just browsing Brand / engage to drive returnCan’t decide Trend info / reviews / product-guidanceConfidenceBecome a trusted destination, not just a warehouse.
  • A complement to product recommendation for blog, forums, reviews, how-tos, …) in any online channel - website, mobile, email, social.An enhancer for every reason you have/host mediaBlog / eZine as lead-gen Coordinated product placement as personalized lead-genMedia as Branding/engagementPersonalised media placement on website/media-sites/email increases relevance/engagemengtMedia to drive conversion (resolve uncertainty, increase confidence)Personalised media placement on product / category pages. 
  • Timescales – retrospective uses only prior data like purchase history. Web looks at immediately preceding off-site online activity. Etc.Granularity – RFM identifies 3 or 4 segments. Cluster uses a variety of data about the individual to place him/her in one of a larger number of coherent “clusters” – abstractions which are terms in models. Individual uses actual instance data and relations in models. In-the-moment uses dynamic in-session data to dynamically build a model of the individual, rather than just apply offline models.
  • Peerius

    1. 1. Monetising Content through Contextual Marketing Presented by Daniel Hansens The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    2. 2. WHO IS PEERIUS? • the market leader in personalisation software since 2007 • offering an enhanced online customer experience with tangible results • 10 billion recommendations served in 2013 • an agile solution which is tailored to suit our customers requirements • serving more than 150 top brands including: The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    3. 3. WHY CONTENT? The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    4. 4. CHALLENGES THE SOCIAL MEDIA PROBLEM • My content is generating traffic, how do I monetise it? • How do I recover investment on legacy content? • What about the 97% of visitors who don’t convert? The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    5. 5. THE SOLUTION What does it need to do? • personalise and monetise your content strategy • amplify every content strategy performance metric • engage your audience by enhancing content relevance The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    6. 6. THE PEERIUS SOLUTION | SMART- media • New addition to our Personalisation Suite • An automated contextual marketing technology • Surfacing products relevant to the content on any webpage • Utilising behavioural data to personalise the experience The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    7. 7. MYTIGHTS.COM – CASE STUDY The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    8. 8. CASE STUDY – ENGAGEMENT • • • • • New vs Returning Visitor Geo Location Incoming Search Term Device Trending The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    9. 9. MYTIGHTS.COM – BLOG MONETISATION • Knowledge Map • 6m+ semantic categories • Market Specific • User Behaviour • Catalogue Attributes • Can be used on any content channel The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    10. 10. MYTIGHTS.COM - ENGAGEMENT OF THE 97% NOT EVERYONE IS LOOKING TO PURCHASE EVERYTIME • Build Brand • Retain interest • Build authority The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    11. 11. MYTIGHTS.COM - THE RESULTS 30% click through from content to website 25% of buyers engage with content before purchase 25% AOV increase with content engagement 6% top line lift The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    12. 12. "No-one else is offering this deep integration between catalogue and content. The headline result is that people clearly put more in their basket if they have engaged with SMARTmedia” founder, Laura Godsal The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    13. 13. FIRST ACTIVE MEDIA | WHO WE ARE • Established in 2005 • 3 Million Unique Page Views per Month • 1.8 Million unique visitors • Second Only to the Daily Mail for Female Interest Sites • Our Visitors –some figures – – – – Average Time On Site 9m 23s 45% Returning Visitors 60% UK & 30% US/Canada 42% increase in time onsite in the last 12 months • Some of our Customers – L’Oreal, Bacardi, John Lewis, Asos The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    14. 14. FIRST ACTIVE MEDIA | OUR FEMALE AUDIENCE • • • • • 42% have accessed online TV 42% have shared something they’ve found online 30% have looked up latest celebrity gossip 21% of tablet users claim to have paid for digital content on it 59% like it when their comments/photos/posts are acknowledged on social networks • 40% of all women read a magazine weekly • 50% of women browse the internet in bed, as ‘me time’ gets later and later!! • 68% of under 35s never turn the mobile off – as they get more intolerant of un-productive moments Source: data and trend predictions from the Future Foundation The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    15. 15. FIRST ACTIVE MEDIA | DELIVERING THE PROPOSITION • Develop the existing site and content with a far tighter focus on our core target audience to create a strong online magazine-styled resource • Drive traffic by targeting our core target audience through relevant content (via search and social media) = self-selection: – Lifestyle - e.g. celebrity, travel, food & drink, money, health and art/culture – Reference – e.g. choosing homes, getting married, having a baby, etc. – Product – e.g. Female Car Insurance, Female Healthcare, etc. • Create high levels of engagement through discussion boards, social media and eCRM
    16. 16. FIRST ACTIVE MEDIA | WHY PEERIUS • • • • No comparative solution on the market Contextual learning Monetisation potential Site engagement impact The Trusted Partner for Personalisation
    17. 17. Thank you! Contact me for more information: E: T: 0203 397 4940 The Trusted Partner for Personalisation