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Ifeelgoods mixing-digital-november-2011


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Ifeelgoods mixing-digital-november-2011

  2. 2. The Ifeelgoods Solution Free Buy 2 gift! - No competitive get 3 advantage Free Save Coupons - Product devaluation shipping $10 - Margins reduced - *Estimated $20 billion in promtion costs this yearConsumers - High perceived value for your customers - Instant redemption - Margins increased - Promotions go viral - Customized incentives Digital Goods Publishers We aim to replace every traditional incentive with the most relevant digital good for a consumer 2
  3. 3. WHAT KINDS OF DIGITAL GOODS? Facebook CreditsMusic Films VOD Skype eMagazines minutes 3
  4. 4. WHY DIGITAL GOODS INCENTIVES? Over 300 Million People Play Social Equal Value, Different Perception Games Each Month Primarily on Facebook with their friendsAs an incentive: High perceived value, low actual  Exclusive payment for all Facebook cost games Easily plugs into social media  Watch movies, TV shows and concerts Massive consumer adoption on Facebook Frictionless fulfillment 4
  6. 6. TV REALITY SHOW-BIG BROTHER UK You can vote using Facebook credits and share your vote on your wall/timeline
  7. 7. PRODUCTS
  8. 8. FAN GROWTH + EMAIL SIGN UP (MICRO-INCENTIVES) One-Two punch to build fans and CRM database • Best practice for building fans • Users must like on Facebook and sign up for emails in order to get credits • Requiring Facebook email address ensures quality addresses Average Results • Fan base increases by 122% on average • 60-70% of users will post on their wall leading to viral spread of offer • Fan acquisition cost 65% lower than other channels* • 35% lower fan abandonment rate vs. other fan promotions** Case Study Data 8
  9. 9. FANGATE + MOBILE SIGN UP 1. User Likes fan page and enters Mobile number2. Mobile is verified and IfeelgoodsSends a text with a redemption code 17
  10. 10. FANGATE + MOBILE SIGN UP 3. User enters redemption code in order to redeem free credits. 60% share 30% of4. User shares on their wall. conversions from shares 18
  11. 11. PURCHASE INCENTIVE (MACRO-INCENTIVES) Reward customers for their purchase with a Facebook or Skype credit incentive Credits Offer • Users only receive credit after valid added to purchase is made ensuring revenue Retailer site • Can be offered as a stand alone promotion or in conjunction with another offer (ex. 15% off plus 25 Free Facebook Credits) Purchase Redemption Average Results Link • 80% Facebook Credit Redemption Rate • 50-60% Facebook Share Rate • 20-30% Redemption Rate from Shares (secondary/bonus consumer) Redemption ConfirmationResults based on average across all retailers to date 19
  12. 12. YOUTUBE & TWITTERIncrease your presence on Youtube & Twitter thanks to digital goods• Give Facebook or Skype credits to your consumers• Watch this video and share it to receive 10 Credits• Follow and re-tweet this message to receive 5 Credits 20
  13. 13. FACEBOOK ADVERTISINGFacebook Ads which mention Credits yield 2-3x higher CTR than ads without • Ifeelgoods can run Facebook Ad program or simply advise on optimizations • Partnering with Ifeelgoods provides exclusive targeting access to existing credits users 21
  14. 14. STRATEGY FOR MAXIMIZING ROI OF FACEBOOK CREDITS INCENTIVES Retarget customers with new Build database of promotions such as customers purchases motivated by Facebook CreditsBegin withnon-purchaseincentives 22
  15. 15. USE DIGITAL GOODS AS INCENTIVES FOR… Purchase Email Signup SMS Signup Fans User Generated Referrals In-Store Content Check-insContest Entries Sharing Tweets Registrations …PRACTICALLY ANYTHING 23
  16. 16. CLIENT LIST24
  17. 17. CONTACT….Elias 7768 271 943 25